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this problem can be caused by several things.clogged fuel filter..faulty parts in fuel delivery..vacuum leak(including intake manifold leak)..idle air control..idle control..and so on..but 9 out of ten times on this car it is an oxygen sensor... if its stalling when you let off the gas or at an idle... check your codes on diagnostic..this can be done with a paper clip.(not a coated paper clip but a metal one)..following answer tells you how

Answerfind your diganostic port..on this car it should be under the dash to the left of your steering wheel but the right side of your fuse box.they are usually facing downward on this car.unwind the paper clip into two pointy ends...hold the paper clip to the first two metal prongs on the far right (toward passenger side) of the port and turn key on.(do not start engine just put key in on position)..your check engine light should flash a twelve code (this is just to let you know its accessed basically) three times...flash once pause..flash twice...after it does it three times will flash the code for whatever it has will flash any codes three times as well.if it goes back to the twelve code then it has flashed all codes will more than likely be a code 13 flash..pause three flashes..if so..then you have an open circuit on your oxygen sensor.check the connection..if its ok then...replace the oxygen is on the exhaust manifold in the rear of the way to get it out is to let car cooldown..then soak it with wd 40 or comparable lubricant and let set for about twenty minutes...but make sure the car is cool..because wd and other lubricants are flammable...after you've replaced the oxygen sensor..make sure your key is off and disconnect the battery for around thirty seconds and it will clear your codes on your computer....then start the car with hood up and let it run until the lubricant burns will smoke ..don't be alarmed its the lube burning off...just watch and make sure it doesnt go to flame...very unlikely if it has had sufficiant time to will not go to flame ...just smoke off...and i know this is common sense ..but rather make sure..because ive seen people spray the lube on while the car was hot and well....lets just say they have lost some facial hair ...shaking my head...
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Q: What causes a 1992 Buick Park Ave to stall?
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Check the Park Avenue EGR valve for a clog. A clogged valve can cause a rough idle and stall at a light.

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In the fuel tank !!

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