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What causes a 1994 Ford Expolorer to run rough and stall when accelerating and black smoke to come out of the exhaust?

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sounds like a stuck fuel injector

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Black smoke from exhaust ford transit when accelerating?

Black smoke is an indication of an overly rich fuel/air mixture.

What causes black soot from exhaust?

burning oil

What causes black puffs of smoke when accelerating diesel engine?

unburnt fuel

What causes black sooty exhaust?

What can cause black sooty exhaust is bad valve guides. When the guides are bad oil leaks into the cylinder when the car isn't running. When the car starts it produces black exhaust.

Why does your truck have black smoke coming from the exhaust?

Could be a diesel? If not then replace your oxygen sensor on your exhaust. A bad oxygen sensor causes the exhaust smoke to be dark in color.

Why is my 1992 auto Chevy Cavalier when i am accelerating to dog down it also acts like it is about to stall out and has dark grey to black smoke coming from the exhaust what is going on?

Oxygen sensor

What are some possible causes of black smoke coming out of a car exhaust?

Black smoke coming out of the exhaust of a car is usually due to oil being burned in the engine's cylinders. This can be caused by a worn piston ring or rings.

What is black smoke from exhaust?

emissions and exhaust

Hot get rid of black smoke from tailpipe?

how can i get black exhaust smoke stuck on my dual exhaust

What causes an engine to surge?

we have a gas engine jenbacher 1006kw.we face a black shutdown due to exhaust back pressure high.

What would cause a 1994 LeBaron LE to die at stops puff brownish black smoke out exhaust when accelerating and engine sputter at higher speeds?

check ditributor cap and rotor and spark plug wires

What causes 84 suburban to burn white smoke when starting then grey-black when accelerating in park then stalls going uphill?

Dude, the engine is smoked. Sorry to have to tell you.

Black exhaust smoke?

Service engine

What causes engine to sputter and smoke from the exhaust?

If the smoke is black it could be caused by a faulty fuel pressure regulator which could be causing the engine to get too much fuel.

Why is black smoke coming out the exhaust?

It is buring oil this is a wrong answer whe engine burn oil to the exhaust smoke is a heavy white smoke no black

What causes too much fuel to the amount of air getting black smoke think that is why?

Black smoke in your exhaust is a sign of your car burning oil. You should have a qualified mechanic inspect your car and make the proper adjustments.

What causes extreme black soot and smoke to come from the exhaust of a 1993 Grand Am when it's running fine and the fluid levels are normal?

In some cases blocked catalic converter

What causes black streaks on thumbnails?

what causes black streaks on thumbnail

What does black smoke from the exhaust mean?

Unburnt fuel.

Why does your exhaust blow black smoke?

Black smoke from the exhaust it a symptom of an overly rich fuel/air mixture. Have this repaired or it will destroy your O2 sensor and catalytic converter.

Is it normal for black soot to be around exhaust manifold for a 2004 trailblazer LS?

No. This means that the manifold has an exhaust leak.

What is the black gunk that comes out of your exhaust pipe when you start your car?

The black gunk that comes out of the exhaust pipe when starting the car is probably carbon buildup within the exhaust system. Carbon buildup happens when the engine is not burning fuel as efficiently as it can.

What causes grey smoke from your exhaust when idling?

Black smoke means you're burning fuel, blue smoke, you're burning oil, white smoke, you're burning coolant.

What causes black soot and ghosting on the ceiling if you do not have an ionic air purifier?

Are you sure it is not mold? That could be a health risk. If you heating with an oil fired furnace it might be cracked and allowing exhaust in your home. You might need to have this checked out proffessionally since the by product of this exhaust is carbon monoxide.

Why is the exhaust spitting out black deposits?

It is important to maintain a car while driving or owning one. When a car's exhaust is spitting out black deposits, it is because there is oil in the system where it does not belong.