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Low Fluid level. If the car has a three-speed automatic, the torque converter clutch solenoid is locked up. Unplug it from the transmission, and see if it still dies when put in gear.

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Q: What causes a 2.8L Celebrity 4 door to go dead when you put it in gear?
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What causes a vulcan 1600 goes dead when you put it in gear?

no revs

What causes incorrect gear ratio in a VW Touareg?

Mechanical failures causes incorrect gear ratio in the VW Touareg. Lots of torque is what causes the incorrect gear ratio in VW Touareg.

How do you change gear drive in on Chevy Celebrity 1987?

you would need to change the differential gears to change the gear drive.

Where is the door switch located on a 2000 Yukon?

I went crazy looking for the door jamb switch on my 2001 Denali. It's attached to the locking mechanism inside the door. The latch has a gear which drives a mating gear that activates the switch. When you pull the door handle, the latch opens and the gear moves.

What does the CS mean on the gear shift in a S430 Mercedes Benz 2004?

Celebrity Status.

What causes my automatic transmission to howl when put into gear?

low gear oil or gears are worn.

How to Replacing the timing belt on a 1987 Chevrolet celebrity 2.5?

This engine does not have a timing belt, it is gear-driven. Possibly, you have broken gear teeth, causing the timing to be out of order.

What causes the distributor gear to wear out?

the metal wears down from the gear turning metal against metal

What causes a 98 Chevy metro to lag?

check your crank gear it is worn out replace the gear and key

What causes destructive gear pitting?

Pitting= Too high surface pressure on gear or lack of lubrication

Is Jeremy clarkson dead?

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Why is my car not changing gear after dead battery?

Gear shifting has little to do with batteries, or your car's electrical system. If your car is stuck in one gear, your clutch (on a manual) or even worse, your transmission, might be going out. The dead battery might be just a coincidence.

Because it is the movement of the belt that causes the gear to turn what can be said about the linear velocity of a point on the outside of gear 2?

it will be slower

What is an overdrive gear?

A gear which causes the transmission output shaft to rotate at a higher speed than the transmission input shaft.

What causes trans axle to slip when going into third gear?

If it's only when you attempt third gear the problem is in your transmission.

What causes your car to drop rpm when put in gear?

because you are engaging the clutch which cuts out the engine for a smooth gear change

What causes clunky gear changes in an auto?

Bad universal joint

What causes 1991 Honda civic to run rough in gear at idle but runs ok when taken out of gear?

Bad oxygen sensor

What causes the transmission to slip in second gear on a 1999 Ford Taurus?

Quite possibly a worn second gear clutch pack.

How do you remove the gear indicator from the shift bowl for 1985 Chevy Celebrity?

Just push the clip off, I use a screw driver.

What causes a car to jerk in and out of first gear?

Poor driver or bad transmission.

What causes a car to vibrate when in gear?

most likely the cv joints are finished

What causes a motorcycle to bog?

Running too high a gear for the road speed.

What causes the power wagon to not move when in gear?

If its a 4x4 it's in neutral probably

Must you remove the camshaft to replace the timing belt of a 1989 Chevy Celebrity 4-cylinder?

no The Chevy Celebrity 4 cylinder engine doesn't use a timing belt, it uses a timing gear. To replace the gear it is necessary to remove the camshaft from the engine as it is a press job. To remove the camshaft it is necessary to remove the engine from the car.