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What causes a 2000 Mercury mystique overdrive light flashed then the car smoked under the engine?

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Mercury mystique and it will once in awhile stall while you are driving you can pop it into neutral and start it while you are still rolling what causes this?


What causes 98 Mystique 2.5l to have no spark?

Bad coil?

What causes transmission not to shift into overdrive?

usually it is the overdrive solenoid, but can be the connector to it, input to the computer, or the computer.

What causes your automatic '98 Mercury Mystique to not go into gear and even though the stick does move up and down nothing happens.?

you probably need a new or overhauled transmission friend!

What causes Mercury poisoning?


What are the disadvantages off using mercury?

having mercury causes death sometimesmercury can easily kill a huge tree with its poisonous dartmercury spoils the soilmercury causes envoirment hazard

What causes the Overdrive light to flash on 1999 Mercury Sable?

I have a 1996 Mercury Sable and it did the same thing. The fix was a new transmission. My mechanic noticed that the car was running higher RPMs than it should have after replacing an engine that blew a rod through the engine because of the bad transmission.

What causes the Air Conditioner to stop working on a 1999 Mystique?

It could be that you A/C is running low on fluid.

What causes a 1988 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport to stall in overdrive at low speeds?

not downshifting.

What causes overdrive light to flash on a ford wind star?

your transmission is about done, sell it

Why would your vehicle come out of overdrive - 1995 Ford Explorer?

There is a push button on the end of your automatic shift lever. Pushing it in causes the Overdrive to turn on and off.

What causes a 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis to shudder at most any speed while in drive or overdrive?

Thanks anyway, I had thought this was a driveline issue, but no! Silly me, the darn boat was dropping a couple cylinders due to ignition issues! Keadj

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mercury, mercury is the 80 th element on the periodic table.

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What causes a 1995 Chevy truck to stall when placed in reverse?

auto overdrive torque converter locking up

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