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The clutch is slipping and needs replaced.

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Q: What causes a 5-speed to slip after in gear and smell like rubber burning?
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What causes burning rubber smell from 2003 ford escape?

burning rubber

What causes the smell of burning rubber when you're in the wrong gear going up hill?

That smell is probably your clutch burning out.

Why would a car smell like burning rubber?

Because some rubber is burning.

What would smell like burning rubber in a 1995 dodge neon?

The burning rubber smell in the tranmisson breaking apart inside.

What does burning antifreeze smell like?

Burning antifreeze has a rubber like smell. Some people think it smells sweet with a tint of rubber smell mixed into it.

Why can you smell burning rubber?

because it's a strong smell

2001 Mitsubishi montero limited burning rubber smell?

my 2001 mitsubushi montero sport sometimes smell like burning rubber what could it be coming from

Burning rubber smell in cab?

The belt is burning up and wind is pushing the smell through the air conditioning.

Why does manual car smell like burning rubber?

Because your burning your clutch.

Why did Stanleys apartment smell of burning rubber and foot odor?

Stanleys apartment smell of burning rubber and foot odor becausehis dad is trying to envent something

What causes burning smell?

A burning smell is typically caused by something that is burning. The element sulfur gives off a smell of a burnt match.

Burning smell after sex?

Rubber, you are moving too fast

Why does your car smell like burning rubber?

Your car smells like burning rubber because a tube or a wire has gotten loose and has come against a hot part. Rubber is burning. Something is wrong. The smell is the symptom. The fire that will happen when the rubber has completely burned away and the fire breaks out is the disease.

What causes a burning plastic smell coming from van?

Burning Wires.

What causes a burning rubber smell when air conditioner is turned on in 1995 Grand Am SE?

sounds like your A.C. compressor clutch is locking up

What does the drug crank smell like?

combination of burning rubber and manure

Why would car smell like burning rubber after an oil change?

when changing the oil sometimes oil can be spilled on the engine block. as your engine heats up it causes this smell. it is completely normal

Why would my 2001 Ford Focus have a rubber burning smell coming out of the air vents when the car stops at stoplights at idle?

The first and easiest answer that comes to mind is that there is a problem with the cabin air circulating fan. BUT - - there is not really enuf specific information. Are you sure it is a burning RUBBER smell, or a burning PLASTIC smell, or a burning ELECTRICAL smell? All could point to different problems.

Have recently changed brake discs and pads but there is a rubber burning smell and smoke near the 2 front tires on 206?

A rubber burning smell and smoke near your two front tires could be the result of sticking calipers. The brake line could also be the cause of the burning smell.

Why does your washer smell like burnt rubber?

probably being over used and the rubber inside is burning and melting....

Why does the front of suburban smell like burning rubber?

check the fan belt

Why does a car have white smoke come out of engine and smell like a burning rubber?

because the fan belt is burning

Why does your new car smell like burning rubber?

My new car did not smell like burning rubber! When I had a gate smelling like burning rubber, a rubber belt was stuck and instead of turning with a piece of machinery, was caught. I would check the belts in the front of the car and look for one with a worn or burned place on it. It could also be a wire or tube resting on an exhaust manifold or on an exhaust pipe.

Why would your car defroster smell like burning rubber?

Defrost uses the a/c, if it doesn't smell the same with a/c only on. The smell is coming from the blower motor. Bmw's for example have a problem where the blower blade contacts the plastic housing and causes it to rub/melt.

Why would an engine smoke and smell like burning rubber?

Possibly a problem with one of your belts?