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What causes a car to idle rough and jerk while driving at a constant speed of about 40mph?


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2004-11-16 06:19:05
2004-11-16 06:19:05

Depending on the make of the vehicle, it could be any number of things. It could be a plugged fuel filter, air filter, vacuum leak, ignition problems, etc.


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It will go 40mph if it's not broken 40mph is you answer by this cocky person who wrote this

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A 350 engine will idle good but cut out and run rough while driving if there is a vacuum leak. This causes too much air to enter the engine under load.

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Ribosomes are embeded in rough ER.That makes it rough.

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When it dies, is it a sudden stall, or does it run rough, and then die? If its sudden, it is most likely a electrical problem, but if it runs rough, or dies when accelerating, it might be mechanical. Such as the fuel lines, carb, etc.

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