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You might have a problem with you idle control motor (or servo kit). This is part of the fuel induction system. Turn on the air conditioner while in park, if your car shakes (more than normal) that might be the problem. You may have to spend $200 on a new idle control motor or might simply have to adjust a few screws that regulate air intake. Check out a repair manual for your specific model of car so you can troubleshoot yourself and save money, but be carefull because fuel systems can be dangerous to work with so follow all safety precautions!I know it's broken motor mounts that caused my 1989 Buick Skylark to shake while idling at stop lights. The vibration was a little less when I put the car in neutral (I think it idles a little faster in neutral and the vibration lessens) and it's a lot less noisy when I take the crap out of the glove box. :)

It happened to my Mazda/98, After i changed the engine mount, No more shaking.

I had bad shaking when idling in park or at a stop light. I replaced the timing belt and got the cams retimed. After that it was good.

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Q: What causes a car to shake when stopped at lights?
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