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What causes a catalytic converter to overheat on a 2002 trailblazer?


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possibile solutionthe cause could be simple but then again it might not be. the solution of what i did was took it off then hooked a air compressor blower and blowed it out there is alot of build in the exhuat then your engine is running to hot that might work that's what i did hope it works best of luck

It's clogged. It's needs to be replaced

another answerplugged cat converter. it get plugged up at around 90K, don't ignore it, get it replaced ASAP.

i let it go plugged ands it blew hole my manifolds, caused by plugged converter, exhaust air has no where to go, and build heat and compression cause it to blow at exhaust manifolds, COST to repair if too late blown your exhaust,,1800 bucks, cat converter,you cant get them in OEM, but directly from dealership cost 599.00


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Check the catlytic converter for blockage

There can be a few reasons for a catalytic converter to go bad. One of the causes could be clogs. Other reasons include plugs not working right, and bad exhaust valves.

There are two O2 sensors. One on the exhaust manifold and the other is on the exhaust after the catalytic converter. The one on the manifold causes the most problems as it immediately affects fuel mixture being delivered to your engine. Trailblazer enthusiasts website!

Heat shield on catalytic converter? Octane rating of fuel not high enough Timing too far advanced Catalytic converter itself

A catalytic converter should NEVER go bad unless something causes it such as a RICH or a LEAN condition. What is a "RICH OR A LEAN CONDITION"?

Yes, a catalytic converter can cause a vehicle to vibrate and stall. It will do this when it gets plugged because it causes the fuel mix to be disturbed.

Yes, that could be one of the causes. With a bad or going bad Cataylic Converter the car will start to lose power and get hot. What happens is that the exhaust is starting to get blocked. Something like putting a partial potato up an exhaust.

You either removed the catalytic converter or you are running too rich.

Loose timing chain? Loose heat shield on catalytic converter?

catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, exhaust leak

Sometimes the heat shields around the outside of the converter break loose or rust out and causes a rattle noise.

Three problems I know of are one not changing and/or checking fluid level and if you do alot of hauling the more weight the warmer the fluid get and finally the more shifting you do (mostly city driving) the warmer the fluid Make sure your lockup torque converter is functioning. It has to work in overdrive or it will overheat. When your torque converter locks up, you have a mechanical link between the engine and rear end. When the lockup torque converter isn't applied, you are coupled from the engine to the rear end through fluid which can churn and overheat in steady driving in overdrive.

Two main causes: the inner parts have failed, or the outer heat shield has failed.

Odds are it's a blockage in the exhaust. (and if you have a catalytic converter ... most likely culprit.)

I had this problem and tweaked the throttle and replaced the catalytic converter - fixed.

It could, along with many other possible causes.

The catalytic converter converts toxic gases to harmless gases via a platinum-iridium catalyst. As the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide pass through this catalyst, the gases are oxidized. This causes them to break down into less toxic elements.

From what I read in the manual it is the catalytic converter. A misfire that could damage the cat.

Perhaps a plugged fuel or air filter Perhaps a plugged catalytic converter

That rotten egg smell is most likely emanating from the catalytic converter.

Maybe fuel filter Maybe plugged catalytic converter

Plugged air filter? Plugged fuel filter? Plugged catalytic converter?

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