What causes a catalytic converter to overheat on a 2002 trailblazer?

possibile solution

the cause could be simple but then again it might not be. the solution of what i did was took it off then hooked a air compressor blower and blowed it out there is alot of build in the exhuat then your engine is running to hot that might work that's what i did hope it works best of luck

It's clogged. It's needs to be replaced

another answer

plugged cat converter. it get plugged up at around 90K, don't ignore it, get it replaced ASAP.

i let it go plugged ands it blew hole my manifolds, caused by plugged converter, exhaust air has no where to go, and build heat and compression cause it to blow at exhaust manifolds, COST to repair if too late blown your exhaust,,1800 bucks, cat converter,you cant get them in OEM, but directly from dealership cost 599.00