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What causes a manual transmission on a 1991 Chevy Cavalier to lock in either 3rd or reverse?


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Same thing happened to my friend - there is an "H" shaped (sort of) bracked just below the boot for the shifter - the bolt on the right hand side had dropped off and the left one was loose enough for the plate to move (he was stuck in reverse)... new nut & bolt and a good tighten and he was able to get out of the mall parking lot... .


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The reverse is "shot" on your transmission. You'll need to either rebuild/replace the transmission or get another vehicle.

I'd say you have a problem with either the linkage to the transmission, or the transmission itself.

It's probably the transmission, either the valve body or the clutch pack. Either way, it means a rebuild of the transmission.

If your 93 Nissan Maxima will not go into reverse at all, your transmission is either getting ready to go out or you are low on transmission fluid. You should check your transmission fluid first before messing with the actual transmission.

It's either the transmission valve body or the nut on the input shaft (?) has come loose. My car was doing the same thing and it was the loose nut.

Either auto , or 5Spd. , switch is mounted on transmission.

could be either transmission shift linkage not engaging reverse ( stops at neutral ) worn joint connectors sometimes cause this. or reverse clutches or gears bad inside transmission.

P1776 : solenoid switch valve latched in low reverse position.It could either be a failed transmission solenoid pack or a failed valve body.P1776 : solenoid switch valve latched in low reverse position.It could either be a failed transmission solenoid pack or a failed valve body.

If you have an automatic transmission then either the linkage is fouled up or you got a internal problem. That's 100 vrs about 3000 dollars.

it prevents you from starting the engine while the transmission is in either DRIVE or REVERSE

You need to either update the transmission or replace the brake pads or replace the wheels on the vehicle

If Reverse works and Drive doesn't in a Safari Van, the problem is in the transmission. The belts for the forward gears are either stretched too much or broken.

Either by pressing with your left foot on that pedal and releasing it, or it may release once the cars transmission is placed into either Forward or Reverse.

The car might have an automatic cut off to either disengage the transmission or cut off the engine. Otherwise you will rip apart the transmission.

Does the speedometer work? Sounds like the electrical connector from the transmission to the PCM is either not plugged in correctly or at all.

There are numerous signs of transmission problems. You may have trouble getting the car into gear or it may smell like it's burning. With either of these, you should first check the transmission fluid level while the car is warm and at an idle.

1. Saturn did not make the LS2 until 2000, you probably meant the SL2 2. If reverse is gone it's probably either the clutch pack or the valve body. Either way, you'll need to take the vehicle to a transmission shop.

Either because the linkage is broken or the gear inside the transmission is broken. Have a garage check it out and see what they can find.

No it will not blow your engine or tranny up it has nothing to do with either of them. The thing to look for is if a speed sensor is out.

YESAn automatic transmission car has a safety feature called a "Neutral Safety"It will not allow the starter to work if the shifter is not in either neutral or park. Many new cars will only start in park.On a manual transmission car the transmission being stuck in reverse probably means a serious failure inside the transmission that could jam things up to the point the engine wont start.

Likely either a bad/failing motor mount, or a bad transmission mount. Is it a manual or automatic transmission? If it's automatic; the clutch that controls the reverse gear could be going bad. Have your mounts checked first. Simple, easy to replace, and the least expensive of the repair solutions vs. a bad transmission or clutch.

Worn or damaged internal clutch or transmission valve body. Either case requires a rebuild. Possible that it could be misaligned gearshift linkage, depending on the vehicle, but don't count on it.

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