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lateral runout. your rotors or drums are warped and need to be machined or replaced depending on the thickness. if your slamming the brakes this is normal its your antilock braking system functioning as it should to keep you from sliding.

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Q: What causes a pulsating feeling in a Grand Cherokee when hitting the brakes at 50 or higher mph?
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Can feel anti lock brakes pulsating?

yes you can of you were asking "can you feel anti lock brakes pulsating" not sure why

What will pumping brakes do?

Stop the car in a pulsating manner.

Fix pulsating brakes on ford expedition 2004?

Change your brake rotor and brakes. problem solve

Signs of bad rotors?

A pulsating brake pedal when brakes are applied,

What kind of front brakes does a 1998 Jeep Cherokee have?

A 1998 Jeep Cherokee has disc brakes in the front.

What kind of rear brakes do you have on your 2000 jeep Cherokee sport?

A 2000 Jeep Cherokee would have rear drum brakes.

Cause of pulsating brakes?

Rotors may be out of "round" (lateral runout) and need to be resurfaced or replaced

Does a 2000 Jeep have 4 rotors?

The grand Cherokee does have four wheel disc brakes. The wrangler and Cherokee have rear drum brakes.

What is the purpose of the Anti Braking System?

Prevents brakes from locking by pulsating the pressure when you apply firmly so they don't grab.

How long do brakes last in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Jeep Grand Cherokee brakes will last a different amount depending on how far you drive the car and how hard you are on the brakes. They can easily go 5000 to 6000 miles before needing changed.

Why is there vibration when braking and abs comes on?

The ABS motor is pulsating which is applying and releasing the brakes to avoid wheel lock-up. This is normal.

Is there a difference in the praformance between the Jeep Cherokee and the Jeep Cherokee sport?

no. the jeep cherokee and the jeep cherokee sport have the same ingane and the same brakes they are essentially identical.

Does a1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport have abs brakes?

My '96 Cherokee Sport does, so I bet a '98 does.

Does a 1988 Jeep Cherokee have ABS brakes?

It was an option

What is cost of brakes and rotors for all four tires on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

you can get the whole package on ebay for under $200.....Callahan Brakes and rotors.. Just type in 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo brakes in the search on eBay

The brake pedal goes to the floor and they act as if they're pulsating?

Sounds like a bad booster. If you can't pump up the brakes to get a firm pedal while engine on, you might want to have it checked. If they're ABS brakes and you hold the pedal firmly, it should feel like they're pulsating but the pedal shouldn't just go to the floor. Could be the master cylinder.

What should you AVOID doing if your vehicle begins to hydroplane?

Avoid hitting the brakes.

When the drivers brake and feel the brakes slowing down the vehicle they are feeling the?

They are feeling the effect of friction.

How do tell 9inch rear brakes drum on a jeep Cherokee sport from a 10 inch rear brakes?

You have to measure the inside diameter of the drum.

What will cause a 96 Ford Explorer to shake when hitting brakes?

Warped brake rotors........

Why does rear end shake when hitting brakes?

rear brake drums or rotors are out of round.

What event was caused by the driver slamming on the car brakes to keep from hitting Jane?


Wiring for Jeep Cherokee with trailer brakes?

I have a 1997 JEEP CHEROKEE sport 4.0. How to wiring for a heavy duty trailer brake switch ?

How do you check car brakes?

common sense Listen for squeaking and feel for pulsating when braking. Too much of either and you should have them looked at.

Are the back brakes on 1993 jeep grand Cherokee drum or rotor?