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What causes a pungent rotten egg smell coming from the tailpipe of a 1977 Ford Capri II 2.8 V-6?


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2006-07-14 01:13:16
2006-07-14 01:13:16

Emissions system not working properly, or a defective catalytic converter. A bad catilitic converter will cause that rotten egg smell THE Smell is from the Engine running 2 RICH - TO much fuel.U need 2 check 2 C if there are any codes like (O2 Sensor) EVEN a Vacume leak will cause a RICH condition & if the leak is bad enough the engine will idle rough. Plugged or damaged pcv valve; Damaged or faulty oxygen sensor or circuit; Clogged, damaged, defective or faulty catalytic converter. From my past experiences, owners of older cars tend to use higher octane in hopes of a better running engine. Higher octane than what the factory recommends can, also, cause a pungent rotten egg smell.


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