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What causes a shower faucet to whistle while running?

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calcium build up, get you some CLR- calcium ,lime,and rust remover from Walmart. remove the shower head, in a bowl pour the CLR. Then drop the shower head in and let sit for a couple hours. then remove and rinse. put the head back on and see of it still whistles. if it does its proply gonna need to be replaced. But if you want it might be just as cheap to go to walmart and just buy a new shower head.

2006-12-22 19:18:26
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How much water is wasted if a faucet is left running for only three minutes?

It all depends what faucet is running if it is a kitchen or lavatory faucet it would be roughly 3 gallons if it was a tub and shower faucet it would roughly 15 gallons

How do you stop the faucet from running when you turn your shower on?

You replace the washer in the diverter so it won't let water out the faucet end when closed.

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What causes shower water to stop when the tub faucet works fine?

This is a sign that the Diverter is not functioning.

What causes water to come out of shower when only the faucet is being used?

Stoppage down stream

How do I fix my shower faucet?

Remove the shower head and clean out anything that might be blocking it, such as hair or debris. Replace the shower head and turn on the water; the water should be running.

Is it possible to go from a three handle tub shower faucet to a two handle tub shower faucet?


Can you use a tub and shower faucet for a tub with no shower?


How do you fix a leaky delta shower faucet?

Get a Delta shower parts replacement kit from Hardware or Plumbing store and rebuild the faucet. Must get the right kit for the exact faucet.

Is a faucet a shower tap?


I completely close my shower faucet but the cold water still runs it is a two tap faucet and it is just a shower not a shower bath combination what is going on?

Proably the faucet has a worn out washer, replacing the washer should fix the problem.

What could be the problem if water is continuously running from the shower head but the water is turned off?

You probably need new gaskets in your faucet.

Why does it take a long time for water to drain from the bathtub when running water from the faucet. But when you run water from the shower head I have no problem?

More "VOLUME" flowing from the tub spout then the shower head as the shower head has a flow restrictor

What's so unique about the Delta shower faucet?

The unique thing about the Delta shower faucet are that they provide the best and most unique looking bath tubs and shower fixtures. They are one of the leading providers of shower products.

What causes variable hot water temperatures while a shower is running and no other water is running?

means you are running out of hot water

What is standard height of wall faucet?

If you are talking about tub faucet -- if the tub is 15 in. high then about 28 in. to center of faucet -- if shower then about 48 in. from floor to center of faucet.

How do you convert a triple handle shower faucet to a single handle faucet?

No conversion, it would need to be replaced with a single handle faucet.

What types of showers can function with a bronze shower faucet?

All types of showers can function with a bronze shower faucet. Just make sure that when installing the faucet, that you caulk all joints properly to prevent leakage.

Does Bill Kaulitz sing in the shower?

Possibly. But he does whistle in the shower! ^_^ So cute!

What is the standard height for a shower fauce?

Usually 48" off bottom of shower floor to center of shower faucet.

Why does the bathroom faucet make a louder noise when the shower or toilet stops running?

It might mean that there is air in the line. Maybe install a water hammer.

Why does your shower faucet have an orifice in it?

usually to save water

Why does Shower gurgle when faucet drains?

The shower gurgles because the water is going down the pipes.

How do you remove old shower pipes to install new shower faucet?

To remove old shower pipes to install a new shower faucet, turn the main water off first. Then either cut the pipes at the joints or unscrew the washers holding the pipes together.