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Sweat and your inner thighs rubbing together can cause more irritation and infection.

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Q: What causes acne on your inner thighs?
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Why do pants or shorts ride the inner thighs?

because you have fat thighs

What causes hard bumps on inner thighs filled with blood and pus?

The only way to know for sure what the hard pus and blood filled bumps on your inner thighs are is to visit a doctor. They could possible be boils or ingrown hairs.

What are your inner thighs called?


What causes a big painful smelly chaffing rash on inner thighs?

Sounds like jock itch. To make it go away, you have to buy anti-fungal medication. Jock itch is caused by sweating in the inner thighs that allows fungus to grow.

How do you get rid of blackheads in inner thighs?

In order to get rid of blackheads in your inner thighs you can use one of many methods which include but not limited to applying pressure with your bear hands by pinching the infected area or you could alternately use acne medication which may take longer but will give better results and prevent future break outs.

How do you get rid of cysts on my inner thighs?

how to do i get rid of cysts

Can shingles appear on your inner thighs?

Yes, I was diagnosed with shingles that appeared on my inner thigh.

What causes adult acne ?

There are a few causes of adult acne. Hormones, stress, cosmetics and heredity can contribute to acne in adults.

What is a good cutting place on your body that no one will notice?

pantyline, upper thighs, inner thighs, mouth

What is the uses of grapevine?

For the grapevine you are incorporating the thighs and hamstrings. The inner and outer thighs are also used to some degree but these exercises don't specifically target the inner & oute

How do you cure inner leg Chafing?

You can use bandelettes. They go on your inner thighs and stay in place with silicone. Bandelettes keep your thighs from rubbing together and preventing chafing.

Can you get calluses on your inner thighs?

I don't see why not. We get them on our feet and hands.

What causes the itching in the inner thighs and other sensitive areas and also makes red rashes?

Itching and a rash on the inner thighs and genital areas can be cause by tinea cruris, which also is called jock itch. It is caused by a fungal infection. Treatment for this condition can include anti-fungal medications.

What is genital acne?

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a skin disease that most commonly affects areas bearing apocrine sweat glands or sebaceous glands, such as the underarms, breasts, inner thighs, groin and buttocks.[1]:710

What are some of the causes of acne?

A few of the leading causes of acne is stress and touching of the face. Along with this, there can be genetic dispositions that lead younger people to have acne.

Does bread causes acne?

Yes, diet can certainly cause acne.

What causes chin acne?

Chin acne is usually caused by hormonal imbalances.

Is it possible to get acne on your inner thigh?

I thought I was the only one who got acne on my inner thigh. It is the most painful thing in the world. You need to start drinking more water and use your acne cleanser on your inner thigh when you shower. I used Timeless prescription Acne cleanser. Now I dont get them any more.

What causes inner thigh cramps?

what causes inner thigh cramp

What kind of acne causes deep down pimples that are painful and dries skin out around the pimple?

Cystic Acne causes very deep, painful acne that can leave scars.

What is causing me to have an Itchy rash on armpits and inner thighs and abdomen?

scabbies in your community

What causes red itchysplotchy rash that started on right elbow then left elbow and now has spread to inner thighs and upper arms?

eczema, fungral infection change in soap

Rash upper inner thighs circle shape?

It sounds like it could be ring worm, which will require an anti fungal cream to get rid of it. Also try to keep the inner thighs as sweat free as possible.

Eating chocolate causes acne?

Eating chocolate does not cause acne. Nor does dirt or make-up.

What kind of bacteria causes acne?