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Have the tps (throttle position sensor) sensor checked. It could be bad or maybe it just needs to be repositioned. my 92 Buick century idles erracticly and I simply adjust the tps sensor and it idles down but is erractic again once i hit huge bumps in the road. the fast idle solonoid is dirty. Takeit off of the throtle body and clean it. It's located on the back of the throttle body. 2 Phillips screws. Clean the carbon off with throttle body cleaner. And the first answerer needs to fix his or her grammar. Go back and listen in English class. I'd be ashamed.

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Check four prossible lo koolant condishin, or faulty or diskonkted ECT sensor. I is even more ashamded. Vakyoum leaksis are anothear pissibltee.

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Q: What causes erratic fast idle on a 1991 Buick Century?
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