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What causes pressure with a pool pump to drop?


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A clogged filter? The pressure AT THE GAUGE will drop after the pool is backwashed and also during vacumning. As the filter becomes clogged the pressure AT THE GAUGE will increase. The opposite effect occurs at the inlet eyeball.


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You may have a suction leak somewhere between the pool and the pump. Or, you have let the water level drop below the middle of the skimmer(s). k

Yes its called voltage drop. The longer the extention cord the lower the volatage gets.. causing the motor to run at the wrong rpms causing a pressure drop.. long term will burn up the pump.

pump was ok until I cleaned mess in pool. after that lost pressure. Changed sand but no luck

Air pressure is caused when you pump it with an bike pump!!!!!!!!

When the pressure on your pump goes up

In most cases a booster pump is used to provide additional water pressure to an automatic pool cleaner , sometimes they are used to provide additional water flow and pressure to a connected spa. A low pressure pump may also be used to pump water through a solar heater.

So long as there is water coming through the pump when it is running it doesnt matter what the water level in the pool is.

The pressure increasing indicates that something is blocking the filter.

Not necessarily, it depends on the condition of the original pump. It may have a worn or warped impeller. I would look into making sure the original pump is in good shape.

You will need to backwash the pump, and then rinse out the filter.

Strainer basket id full or blocked

When the pressure on the filter pump is above 20 psi.

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Some causes for a sudden water pressure drop: 1) A big leak on the main supply line. 2) one or more faucets or shower heads opened on the same water line. 3) A utility water pump failure.

Hydraulic pump that produces pressure in a hydraulic system. It takes energy to pump the electric motor or engine mechanical.

No. generally a booster pump is used to run a pressure side cleaner.

Main reason for pump seal (mechanical seals) in a pool pump any pump for that matter is to contain liquid (water in this case) in the pump and hold prime and pressure. Other reasons, lower friction,reliability it can last for years.

The purpose of a leak detection pump pressure switch is to immediately alter the system to pressure drop. These are most commonly associated with seal or valve failure.

If you remove the cartridge from your filter housing, the presssure reading will drop. If you are having low pressure issues this is an easy way to determine if the problem is on the pressure side of the suction side of the pump. Depending on what type of pool you have, and what in on the equipment pad. If you pump usually runs at 15 -18 psi then with out the filter I would guess it would be about 8 psi. Hope that helps.

Backwash the filter when the pressure increases 10 psi above the pressure when it was clean

Usually the pressure gauge on your pool equipment indicates how much pressure there is before the filter. as the pressure goes up it indicates that the filter is getting blocked and needs a backwash or cleaning. while the pressure is low the filter does not need cleaning.

When vacuuming a pool manually a loss of pressure can be caused by something getting stuck in the hose. A leaf or a large bug can get stuck in the hose and cause it to lose pressure.

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