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Its a good possibility Your diodes are burnt out, its time to replace your alternator, i had a similar problem on a 95 lumina with a 3.1l motor

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Q: What causes the battery and brake light to come on when the alternator connector is plug in and it will go out when it is disconnected and sometimes with it connected it will kill the battery?
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Why would your Bonneville charge somedays and then not charge other days you replaced the alt and battery?

I have a 92 Pontiac and also had similar situation. Sometimes the voltmeter would go to 14volts and other times it would sit at 12volts. When I tested output from alternator to the battery with voltmeter, I did not get a good reading. Upon removal of the alternator to get it replaced, I noticed that the smaller (red) cable that goes from the alternator to the battery was loose in the connector itself. I cut the cable at the connector, stripped the cable some and crimped on a new connector. Reattached to alternator and put alternator back into vehicle. All has been fine since. Hope this may fix your problem.

2000 Chevy astro van will start with jumper cables but wont keep a charge once disconnected the alternator tested good new starter an plugs wires ect. all connections cleaned what could the problem be?

sounds like you need to replace the battery. even new batterys sometimes are no good also an alternator tested when disconnected means it is tested with no load. this really means that the test was a waste of time

What is a Berg connector used for?

A Berg connector is used for providing power to floppy drives and sometimes other peripherals.

Does your car make a noise when the alternator needs to be replaced?

Sometimes, but not always, the alternator will whine loudly when it's malfunctioning.

What cause an alternator to blow?

The usual cause of a blown alternator is overload. The alternator will also blow if the battery is connected backwards, even for an instant, such as during jumping. Sometimes, overload is caused by attempting to jump start another car while revving the engine of the first car. The alternator is not designed to carry the current of a starter. Depending on the alternator, protection might be built in, but don't count on it. Rev the engine only to help charge the other battery, and then let the engine idle while starting the other.

1993 Ford areostar alternator 1yr new sometimes does not hold the charge or does not charge at all?

regulator is bad inside alternator

Does a kawasaki ninja zx7 have an alternator?

yes... sometimes called a generator.

Why does the Tachometer fail and then engine cuts out?

It can sometimes be caused by a failed alternator.

Why does the battery light stay on after changing the alternator on a Lincoln Navigator?

check the alternator fuse on the main cable that goes from the alternator to the battery. sometimes the alternator shorts out this fuse. it's usually mounted on the right side of the firewall in a plastic cover over .

Where is the heater resistor located on a Renault traffic?

It's under the bonnet by the blower, it has a push and slide connector and sometimes a other 2 wire connector.

Why is your alternator overcharging after you replaced it and it ran fine for a week?

It is probably a bad voltage regulator. Sometimes they are located in the alternator and can go bad in a new one. On Ford vehicle the voltage regulator is separate from the alternator.

Where is the alternator solenoid on a 99 ford windstar?

What component are you referring to? Alternator themselves do not have solenoids. Starters have solenoids, and sometimes ignition circuits will utilize solenoids.

Where is a molex connector used?

A Molex connector is used inside a PC computer. It is used to connect the motherboard to the powersupply and are sometimes have as many as 20 or 24 connections.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1996 GMC Sonoma?

disconnect neg. battery cable. remove bolt, unplug one connector, remove one 13mm nut and remove wires, remove two bolts upper and lower, and its out, sometimes you have to wiggle bottom back and forth to free up.

Why would battery light remain on after replacing the wires alternator and regulator and the battery is good on your 1989 Taurus?

Sometimes an alternator with a weak diode(s)can test out fine, but can still trigger the light. I believe the problem is in your alternator. Good luck.

How do you fix double vision on big screen tv?

This can sometimes be caused by a bad cable or connector.

How do you you tighten an alternator in a 1995 cavalier?

Generally you don't tighten the alternator, you just make sure the belt tensioner is functioning properly. Sometimes the springs of the tensioner wears out or breaks.

Why does Ford Mondeo sometimes not start without a jump?

weak or faulty battery, faulty alternator (or slipping alternator belt causing battery not to charge) or faulty starter motor

Why does an alternator go bad?

Sometimes the bearings go out sometimes they short out and sometimes they overheat and fry. The only thing you can control is overheating, usually caused by overloading from high power stereos

What might cause and how might you fix the speedometer on your 1992 4Runner which works sporadically and sometimes not at all?

I suspect that you have a bad contact on your speed sensor connector in your transmission. Check connector underneath the car on the driver side, if connector is clean you might need to replace the sensor ( electrical pulse generator ) that's where you plug in the connector...

Just bought a new alternator so why the burning smell in the alternator?

Sometimes when parts are new, they have coatings and etc. that will smell when parts are warm. For example, alternator windings are coated with a electrical varnish. When the alternator is charging, it creates heat. This causes the paint to smell and odors such as a burning smell can be common for a couple of days.

Can an alternator on a Renault Megane with a shorted diode still charge the battery?

It depends on which diode, but sometimes it can.

Can a 1991 civic alternator fit in a 1992 civic?

No, 92 and sometimes 93, but not 88-91

What symptoms are sometimes connected to mental retardation?

Aggression, self-injury, and mood disorders are sometimes associated with the disability.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1994 Nissan Sentra?

First, disconnect the battery cables, Second, you have to drain some or all the coolant so you can remove the upper radiator hose, Third, disconnect the alternator cables, Fourth, loosen the bolt attaching the alternator so you can loosen the alternator belt, Finally, remove the bolt and angle the alternator to remove it. You might need to hammer the alternator from underneath, sometimes they are really tight. 'Hope this helps.