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Many vehicles especially the carbureted ones have automatic chokes which hold the engine idle a bit higher than normal until the engine warms up, its to help warm the engine. I dont know what you mean by sticking, does it stick at full throttle or half? then some lubrication to the throttle cable is necessary. If its what i mentioned first off then do nothing, let it warm up for a bit then step on and off the pedal once quickly and that will make it go into slow idle.

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What causes the timing mark to jump back and forth a couple degrees when you are checking ignition timing?

A sloppy worn timing chain.

What causes clutch slip?

Clutch Slip can be caused by a couple of things but the main causes include a worn clutch plate, oil contamination on the friction plate itself, insufficient free-play and finally worn or seized operating mechanism.

What are the causes of divorce I What can be done to join a divorced couple?

There are many causes of divorce such as adultery and abuse. A divorced couple could maybe go to therapy to be joined again.

Your 2001 Neon runs for a couple of minutes after turning of the ignition and removing the key then finally stops. It starts without a problem. Help me please?

Dieseling Engine overheating? Engine idling too high? Try a higher octane fuel?

What causes a 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis to shudder at most any speed while in drive or overdrive?

Thanks anyway, I had thought this was a driveline issue, but no! Silly me, the darn boat was dropping a couple cylinders due to ignition issues! Keadj

How do you replace the ignition coil in 1991 Acura Integra and where is it?

The ignition coil is located under the distributor cap. There are a couple screws holing it in and a couple of wires. Just make sure the battery is diconnected first. Make sure you hook it back up the same way.

How do you evolve evee into Espeon in Pokemon emerald?

you train it in the mornings, for a bit it should evolve after a couple morning sessions... make sure your clock is set right in the game!

The radio in your 1997 VWJetta is not working when the ignition key is turned What could be wrong?

most likely a dead ignition module, the accessory part of the ignition goes awry, seen it happen a couple times after you install a new head unit.

Key stuck in ignition?

This can be attributed to a couple of things. In order to remove the key you can remove the plastic piece under the ignition switch to expose a key release button. OR you can drill out the small circle in the area below the ingnition switch to access the key release button.The stuck key may be a faulty ignition switch or a bent shift lever. This causes the lever to not make the release solenoid contact. If you slammed it into park you make have bent the contact point on the control arm.Faulty ignition switches are a common failure.

How do you use quarrelsome in a sentence?

The quarrelsome couple finally got over their bickering after counseling.

Why would the ignition switch run start feed fuse blow on a ford f250?

you may have a short in the ignition swith get test checked, a steering column specialist can do this in a couple of minutes

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the disturbment of the earth's tectonic plates causes an earthquake. It basically causes a couple of plates to crash.

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Shadourge is a couple, they're Shadow the hedgehog x Scourge the hedgehog. So yeah it's a gay couple, yeah I said it. I finally decided to say it.

How do you replace an ignition in a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am?

If it is on the steering column you have to remove the steering wheel, lock ring and turn signal plate to access the ignition lock bolt. There are a couple of tools needed to do this. work.

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Maybe a diesis or a very fatal backgroud history

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What Are the main causes of early marriages?

Pregnancy or the (often) mistaken belief that the couple is in love.

When you put your key in the ignition it won't turn?

When you insert a key into an ignition and it won't turn could be a couple of resons. One could be that the ignition is worn out and unable to match the cuts on the key or the key was improperly cut. Many GM vehicles (and potentially others) have a steering wheen lock that will lock the ignition key. Simply turning the steering wheel in either direction will fix this.

Need information on how do you remove 1993 Mercury Sable ignition actuator?

"Ignition actuator" is not a standard term... But to try and help, there are a couple of possibilities:Ignition key cylinder - very common problem with the early 90's Taurus/Sables.Ignition control module - requires specialized tool to remove from the side of the distributor.Both of these are covered in the "Related Questions" below...

Causes of skin cancer?

there are a couple of causes to skin cancer that I know about and they are:sun tanningsun burnstanning bedsoverly sun exsploser

What is the cost to replace the ignition switch on a 1993 Ford Ranger?

It depends on what part of the country you live in. Call a couple of local garages for estimates.

Will the pick up coil in a distributor keep you from hearing the fuel pump run a couple of seconds when you turn the ignition on in a 1993 Taurus 3.0 you replaced the ECM and the ignition coil?

No. The fuel pump should run for 2 seconds when the key is cycled from off to run, regardless of whether there is a problem in the ignition system or not.

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