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I have a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan that has the same problem. A friend of mine had the same van with the problem. He took his to the shop, they determined that there was a short in the wiring harness. It was rubbing up against something. It cost $200 to have it repaired. I'm guessing that is the problem with mine as well. If I hit a bump and the air is moist it will cause the gagues of the tachometer, odometer, and speedometer to drop. The ABS light comes on and all of the letters (R, N, D, etc..) for the gears are circled. It usually comes back on after a while but the longest amount of time was for 125 miles.

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Q: What causes the gauges to quit and dash display to go out and come back on in a couple of days on a 1998 Grand Caravan?
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Why are the gauges in your 1998 Dodge Caravan intermittent could it be the body control module?

It could, along with the gauges themself and dozens of other causes. A scan tool capable of communication with the body computer and cluster is required to diagnose.

How do you charge the AC on a 96 Dodge Caravan?

You need gauges to properly charge it.

Where is the instrument control panel located on a 2003 dodge grand caravan?

That is the part with the gauges.

Where is the fuse for the dash lights and gauges on a dodge caravan 2001?

In the fuse box under dash, left of steering column.

What does a oil gauge sender do?

It gauges and distributes the power required to get the correct reading from your oil gauge display.

What are common causes for mechanical gauges to stop working?

Bad electrical connections.

What causes your gauges to stop working?

The year, make and model would help but with some vehicles all the dash cluster gauges are protected with one fuse.

Does a analog gauges use digital display of numbers?

Analog gauges do not use digital numbers or digital displays. Analog gauges use dials or a pointer. Think hands moving around a dial as in an analog speedometer. If it has digital numbers then it is not an analog gauge it is a digital gauge.

Where can I buy ultrasonic thickness gauges?

Ultrasonic gauges need to be replaced every couple of years depending on how many times they are used. They are easily replaced so why not do it when you feel their usefulness is done.

Why do all your gauges go dead check engine light comes on and display says no bus?

you need a new battery.

What causes the gauges not to come up when you turn the key on?

most likely a fuse is blown

What causes gauges to go all the way up?

A bad alterator or voltage regultor

What causes the check gauges light to come on in an Acadia?

See related question below.

What causes the 'Check gauges' light to come on in a Ford Econoline van?

The check gauges light comes on when one of the gauges it outside of the safe operating range. Check oil pressure, coolant temp, battery voltage, etc.

How do you fix the speedometer on a 1996 Dodge Caravan when the tach and other gauges still work?

If it is an electric speedo it probably is the speed sensor and if it is a manal speedo it is the cable.

What causes gauges to go crazy when the car is on?

The car wants you to take it to a certified mechanic, for a change.

What causes gauges and headlights to blink on a 2000 buick century?

Loose battery or alterator connections

What is check gauges for 1999 Chevy Tahoe?

When one of your gauges shows something abnormal, your "check gauges" light will come one. Chances are you're low on motor oil. When you corner, the oil will slosh away from the pickup, causing your oil pressure gauge to read zero for a second. This in turn causes your check gauges light to come on, but by the time you look at your gauges, the oil has settled in the pan is your oil pressure is reading normal again. When you see the check gauges light and the gauges are reading fine, check your oil.

What causes a 1997 3.0 Dodge Grand Caravan periodically all of the dashboard gauges stop working the temp goes to 0 the speed goes to 0 the gas goes to E also the mileage disappears?

go to dodge and look at the problems these dodges are having my self included

What causes a gauge fuse to blow in 1994 Chevy s10?

One of the gauges or wiring has shorted to ground.

What causes the 1996 gmc jimmy check gauges dash message?

The "check gauges" light comes on when one of the sending units detects something is not right. It could be low oil pressure, engine over heating or low voltage. The next time it comes on CHECK GAUGES.

On 1996 Dodge Caravan- why does the abs light comes on and all dash gauges go out and how to fix this?

I Have a Dodge Caravan 1996 , and the Light ABS go on all the time finally I find out the fuse in the box under the hood at number 1 from left to right had broken

Does a problem with the gauges cause the engine light to come on?

It could, you need to have the codes checked to know possible causes.

When you start your dodge caravan all the gauges go crazy and then work fine why?

this is common, i have had a few.. its normal for all the gauges to max out then return to normal but to go " crazy " ck battery ground. then if persists pull out control head and ck grds. there. still? send head to spedo. repair shop

Gas gaugesspeed and milage gauges notworking on a 1999 dodge caravan?

check fuse in fusebox on left lower dash . It is fuse nomber 15 ,10 amp fuse . Could be the problem.