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What causes the moon to change it size and what effect does this have on earth?

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The moon circles the Earth on a schedule that is approximately 28 days. As it does so the relationship between the Earth and the Sun changes and sunlight shines on different parts of the moon's surface, giving it a different appearance from Earth. Just as the Moon is attracted to Earth by gravity, the Earth too is attracted to the Moon. The oceans are affected by the Moon and the water rises toward the Moon, giving us tidal variations.

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What causes the moon to change what phase it is in?

The Moon has two phases, it changes everyday. The two things that effect it's change are the Moon revolving around the Earth and the Moon reflecting sunlight towards the Earth.

What causes the moon to appear to change shape?

the moon revolving around earth

In what ways does the moon effect the earth?

the moon does not effect the earth because there is no way that the moon can effect the earth right

How does the moon infleunce the earth?

The moon influences the Earth by pulling the Earth towards it. This effect produces about 1 m rise of the oceans on one side of the Earth (the side closest to the moon). This causes the tides and when in line with the Sun both gravity from the Sun and the moon effect the Earth adding up and causing a much larger pull which causes the high tides.

What causes the tides the rise and fall of the ocean on earth?

The gravitational effect of the Moon.

What effect of the earth-moon system causes the water bulge on the side of the earth farthest from the moon?

The moon's gravity attracts the water.

Does Earth also causes tides on the Moon?

Earth also affect the Moon, but since there was no oceans or surface water on the moon, the effect is not noticeable in any visible way.

What does the gravitational effect on the moon got to do with the rise and fall of the sea?

It is not the gravitional effect ON the moon, but the gravitional effect OF the moon. The moon pulls on the earth, just as the earth pulls on the moon. The pull of the moon causes water to be drawn towards the moon, and forms a "bump" in the level of water. As the earth rotates below the water, the raised part of the water has the effect of making the water get deeper, then shallower. Those are the tides.

How does the moon cause phases?

The moon causes the sea to cycle through tides by tugging the water into sort of an oblong circle and spinning it around the earth. The Sun causes the moon to change "phases" much as it causes the Earth to change days. The moon just turns much slower than the Earth and ends up never actually turning its "face" away from us.

What causes the changes in the phases of the moon?

It's mainly the changing position of the Moon as it orbits the Earth. (Also there is a smaller effect caused by Earth and Moon orbiting the Sun.) The Moon's shape appears to change because we see different amounts of the Moon's sunlit hemisphere. For example, we can see the "Full Moon " only when the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun.

What causes the shadow which makes the moon change its shape?

The shadow is caused by the earth blocking the path of the light from the sun casting shadow on the moon. When the earth is not in between the sun and the moon then we have a "full moon."

Does moon light has any effect on the tides?

Not exactly. The Moon and its gravitational force causes the tides to rise and fall as the moon moves around the Earth. Not its Light.

What is the process that causes the moon to change phases?

The moon changes phases because different portions of the moon are illuminated by the sun, as seen by observers on Earth. The angle formed by the sun, the Earth, and the moon, is constantly changing as the Earth orbits the sun and the moon orbits the Earth.

What causes the moon to change it's shape?

The moon does not change shapes. The shadow of the earth on the moon changes how much of it you can see.Another viewpoint: I think this question is about the "phases" of the Moon.The Moon only appears to change shape during its different phases.Exactly one half of the Moon is in sunlight at any time. The phases occur because the Moon orbits Earth. That causes us to see different amounts of the sunlit Moon, and so its shape seems to change.

How does the moon effect the earth?

The Moon effects the Earth because it makes the tides be pulled, but gravity pulls it back.So when the Moon is facing the west side of the Earth, it bulges out, and on the other side it makes it stay the same. It might also effect the weather. It also causes high and low tides because of the magnetic pull from Earth to the Moon.

What are the main effects of the moon?

The main effect of the moon is to create tides here on earth. Because of this, the moon also causes the earth to slow in it's rotation by about one second every 100,000 years.

What is the effect of moon phases on earth?

the phases effect the tides on earth and they effect the lighting from earth

What is the mass of a man on a moon?

The same as on the Earth. It may "weigh" less on the Moon, but that is because the gravitational effect (acceleration due to gravity) is less on the Moon than on the Earth, but the mass does not change.

What causes the side of earth facing the moon to bulge?

The Earth doesn't actually bulge, the water (IE, oceans) does. This is the effect of the moons gravitational pull on Earth.

Why does the moon have a magnetic pull?

The moon has gravity, just like Earth albeit much weaker, that gravity has an effect on the Earth, for example, the moons gravity causes our tides to ebb and flow.

What motions causes the moon to change phases?

The lunar orbit, or maybe more precisely, the mutual earth-moon orbit.Orbit

Does earth and moon make night and day?

No, the Earth's daily spin causes the effect of the Sun rising and setting each day. The Moon is not involved.

What effect does the moon have of the Earth?

The moon has a significant gravitational effect on the earth that shows up in tidal action for one.

Why does the moon have a effect on tides than earth?

The moon and the sun have an effect on the tides

What causes tides but not waves and currents?

The gravity of the Sun and the Moon causes tides. Waves are caused by the wind. Currents have a variety of causes, but differential heating of different parts of the Earth by the Sun, modified by the coriolis effect of the turning Earth is the main one.