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Its a common problem with the 95 to 99 Chevy tahoes. Theres a sensor by the steering colunm that goes bad. go to this forum with all the info.

2011-09-13 22:25:29
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What causes the 2006 Honda CRV steering to chatter when turning wheels at very low speeds?

Rear diff fluid

What causes rear end of car not want to turn when turning?

If effort is not given to steering wheel, front wheels also would not turn. When a turn is taken, no such effort is given to rear wheels for turning because the cars are usually front wheeled steered. So it is the inertia of the wheels and the car which causes the rear end of the car not want to turn when turning and they usually slip.

What does it mean when your steering wheels makes noise when turning?

the car may be low on power steering fluid

How do you know your car needs power steering fluid?

Notchy feel when turning the steering wheel Noise from the pump area when wheels are turned Possible stiffness when turning steering wheel.

What causes a squealing sound when you turn the wheels completely to the right or left?

The cause of the squealing sound is because you are turning the steering wheel completely to the right or left

What is the purpose of steering system?

The purpose of the steering system allows the driver to control the direction of the vehicle by turning the front wheels.

Why wheels shake when turning steering wheel at idle?

weak power steering pump, or worn rack and pinion. 65;

Explain why large trucks have bigger steering wheels than small trucks or cars?

The rotation of the steering shaft drives the turning of the wheels, and buses and large trucks have wheels which are significantly more massive than cars' and light trucks', requiring more torque on the steering shaft to turn the wheels. The larger steering wheel gives a mechanical advantage in turning the steering shaft; a longer moment-arm from the application of force by the driver on the steering wheel results in a larger torque on the steering shaft from the same force applied.

Why is your steering wheel not turning?

Two reason why your steering wheel is not turning.One....your ignition key is removed and you have turned the steering wheel to LOCK position.Two your front wheels are pinned against an obstacle so your front wheels are blocked.

If the steering wheel causes the front wheels to make noise?

the steering wheel wont make the front wheels make noise as there is no generating source from the steering wheel. it will be the other way around.

What is a column in a car?

Assuming you mean the steering column, it is what transmits the turning of the wheel in your hands to the steering mechanism which moves the wheels that are touching the ground.

Why causes your Honda Odyssey steering wheel to shake while driving on the highway?

Wheels are out of balance

Why does the steering wheel turn but the wheels don't?

If the steering wheel turns, but the wheels do not on an automobile, the steering pin is defective. The steering pin connects the wheels to the action of the steering wheel. An automobile that has a steering pin malfunction should not be driven.

What causes steering shake?

Many things can cause steering shake. Wheels out of balance. ( including rear wheels ) Tryes out of round. Worn steering components. Worn suspension components. Even loose wheel nuts/bolts. Get it checked out for safetys sake.

What is the loud whining noise when turning the wheels in a 1997 grand prix SE?

check your power steering pump might be going out or might be low of power steering fluid

Why doesn't my car turn while turning the steering wheel?

Depends on the type of car. Some have a fiber washer on the base of the steering column in the engine compartment that can break. If the car has rack and pinon steering, that can strip. That's the two places that would keep both wheels from turning.

What helps a car go straight?

Power Steering 2nd Answer: True, but automobiles have their turning wheels angled toward the rear of the car, just like the front wheels of a shopping cart. Friction between tires and road work to keep the turning wheels lined up back to front, and it takes a little effort to turn the wheels away from their normal back-front alignment. The effort to turn the wheels is much less if the auto has . . . Power Steering per the above answer!

What is the purpose of a tie rod?

It transmits the steering input from the steering box to the wheels. This turns the wheels.

What connects the steering column to the wheels?

the steering linkage

How to get an 86 Jeep Cherokee steering wheel unstuck from the Locked position?

Try putting on the emergency brake & turning the wheels one way while turning the key. If that dont work try turning the wheels the other way..if your parked on a steep hill you might even have to put a brick in front of the tires and let it roll a bit to remove some pressure from the wheels............hope it works

How do wheels turn on a car?

By using the steering wheel which is connected to a cable that is connected to a pipe that moves the steering wheels

Differenc between power steering and ordinary?

Power steering means that there is basically a small motor helping you to steer. W/o power steering there's only a sort of gear box and your arms that are turning the front wheels to another direction.

What causes the steering wheel to shake in a 99 Jetta when reaching 3000-4000 RPMs?

Steering wheels shaking are usually attributed to bad steering racks. The steering rack is unstable and will not be able to safely control the vehicle. It should be replaced.

What types of material are used in the manufacture of steering wheels?

Steering wheels are made of many different materials. Carbon fiber, natural wood, Polyurethane, aluminum, steel and just a few of the materials used in the manufacture of steering wheels.

What causes the steering wheel to shimmy at all highway speeds on a 98 4x4 tacoma other than bad tires or wheels?