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Could be wheel bearing or tie rod end. Also pivot arm. Have it checked out by a front-end specialist. -Jesse Mechanic replaced inner tie rod and still did not solve problem then yesterday they replaced a bussing in the rack and pinion steering. still does not work. now they tell me the whole rack and pinion needs to be replaced which I don't believe. I don't have much faith in the mechanic but I have to use them since I bought the car from the dealer he works at. I am going for a second opinion. Had Front tires replaced and still had same results then I found that the Power Steering fluid was bone dry but filling it still did not remedy problem. I think I got a lemon Against the firewall, behind the engine, is the steering tie rod. Difficult to see, depending on your engine. The two rubber bushings on this tie rod are a famous Chrysler weak spot. Rock the steering wheel and look or feel, there should be no play at all. If the rubber bushing are worn, they're hard to get to but not hard to replace. Don't use the Chrysler bushings, which have to be pressed in. Use the NAPA bushings, which are split and easy to put in. DANGER: To do this job you probably have to remove the windshield wipers. Don't lose the tiny, tiny metal tit that drives the wipers. Put a cloth around the windshield wiper drive shaft when you pull off the wipers. Same caution when you reassemble.

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Q: What causes your 97 Concorde steering to vibrate when letting off the gas taking a good left turn at about 55-60mph?
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Why does your steering wheel vibrate when you are driving and coasting?

A car's steering wheel will vibrate when driving if the car's alignment needs to be adjusted.

Why does the steering wheel vibrate when I start my car?

the motor mount is bad

Why does my steering wheel vibrate at low speeds?

could be a blockage in your fuel lines.

Why car steering Vibrate?

Normally this is caused by a tire out of balance or a bent wheel.

Would bad motor mounts cause steering wheel to vibrate?


Why steering wheel vibrate in idle?

It is the engine that is vibrating and it is just being felt in the steering wheel. Can be a vacuum leak, or miss in the engine.

What causes Steering wheel occasionally to vibrate in 2001 Toyota Sienna?

get a wheel alignment

What is the problem when your car steering wheel vibrate?

Normally it is a tire out of balance. Can also be a bent wheel.

Why does your steering wheel vibrate but goes straight?

Have the wheels balanced. Get a 'front end alignment' done on your vehicle.

Why does the steering wheel vibrate when braking?

You possibly have warped brake rotors on the front. Or Bad Wheel Bearings.

Brakes vibrate when im stopping and steering wheel moves?

your rotors on the front are warped. they need to be turned or replaced.

Why does my steering wheel vibrate while moving at any speed?

Maybe there is something wrong with your car, you should get it checked out.

Why does a steering wheel vibrate during high speed braking?

Your rotiors or drums are out of round and need to be turned or replaced.

Why does sound travel faster in warm air?

Because the molecules are less dense and they vibrate faster letting sound travel faster

What can cause the steering wheel shake at idle after the car was hit in the front left side?

If other things vibrate as well as the steering wheel you might have a damaged motor/transmission mount.

Why does steering wheel vibrate when brakes are applied?

This is probably due to worn brake rotors on the brakes, if there is no vibration when driving then this will be the cause.

If i have a missing lug nut can that cause my steering wheel to vibrate?

No it will not cheak your tie rods .I'f it vibrate's when you press your brake's it's the rotors, fix it quick or the "vibrate" will keep losing lug nuts. Yes.

What causes steering wheel to vibrate?

Bad tire or alignment is most common. It can also be caused by a warped brake rotor or drum.

Why does your steering wheel vibrate at low speeds and the car pulls to the left?

Your car needs an alignment. Typically around $100 or less.

What would make your 2003 ford explorer vibrate after letting of the gass at 65 mpg?

Worn out/bad universal joint(s) in the driveshaft(s).

Why does my car steering wheel vibrate at high speed?

Vibration of the tire is caused by a uniformity parameter called "variation of radial force". Usually a vehicle's steering wheel will vibrate (called torsional nimble) at a certain speed. This vibration is caused by the harmonics of this radial force. Picture the side view of a tire with different size springs within it. The force of these springs cause a distortion of this force and you feel this distortion in the steering wheel.

Why does your steering wheel vibrate the higher the speed goes?

Your steering wheel will vibrate at higher speeds due to either wear in your front tires or improper balance of tire pressure. IF these are not the promblem look to see if there is damanage to the shaft under the vehicle between the tires. Look at it or get it looked at before it gets worse, believe me I know how expensive it can be later!

When you put a car in drive or reverse and let off the brake and turn the wheel it vibrates in the steering wheel but it doesn't vibrate when you drive what is that?

Check your power steering fliud, if it is low this could cause the vibration you are feeling.

Steering wheel vibrate at over 50 mph?

may be due to out of balanced wheels, simply you do wheel balancing. Or otherwise worn out tyre

What causes the front end to vibrate or shake or bounce when driving?

Worn steering parts, worn suspension parts, tires out of balance, out of alignment,