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Some of the ignition coils get fussy when they are too hot. I don't know if that's the case for your car but I've seen it a couple times.




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Q: What causes your Honda accord to stall when parked in direct sunlight?
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What causes oil to leak when parked?

What makes you think it only leaks while parked. -

Why does our 98 Honda accord not start when its parked on a hill?

Maybe a weak fuel pump?

What causes your Ford truck to feel like it slams when you drive at low speeds?

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What causes an SUV to sit low when parked?

Does yours have air suspension on it. You may have a leak causing it to sit lower when you are not running. Ford Expeditions with air suspension is designed to lower when parked for easier access.

What causes squeaking when parked and turning steering wheel?

low air pressure in your tires. fill 'em up!

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What causes a 1999 Honda accord v6 to choke while stopped at a red light or parked while your engine is on?

the idle air control motor could be bad, could have a clogged fuel fiter, strainer or sock on the fuel pump could be sucking together, gaskett around the throttle body may have a vaccum leak

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The vehicle probably has a security system installed. Many security systems have a blinking light to deter thieves from stealing something from the vehicle or stealing the vehicle itself..

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Why does your 1998 Honda Accord Automatic stick shift stick in park?

When the car is turned off, it is best functional to be parked if it stays in parked..however, i do believe it is possible to shift it into another gear by putting the key in a slot that's beside the stick-shift (however this may not be in all accords.) If you do this, i highly recommend u don't leave the car parked in neutral..this can cause the car to roll forwards/backwards since neutral means the car isn't in gear.

Why the power assist seems absent when vehicle is moving out of a parked position exhibits a jerky behavior at low speeds when turning in either direction but OK normal speeds Accord 1992.?

Check your power assist sensor.

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