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What codescanner is recommended for 97 Honda Passport Does it work if car will not start?

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βˆ™ 2009-09-25 14:37:02

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Any scanner with an OBDII hook-up will work on this vehicle. If you can turn the key over and the dash lights up and you have power it will read fault codes.

2009-09-25 14:37:02
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Ignition switch 1996 Honda passport is locked car will not start?

if the battery is dead the switch wont unlock or start

How do you shut off the alarm on your 1999 Honda Passport without the keyless entry?

Put in the key and start it, turn it off, and re-start it.

How much is a push to start remote to a Honda Passport?

in nj parts and labor for a good system with alarm/remote start about 295.00 installed

Your 98 Honda Passport won't start it just makes a clicking noise and won't turn over what could it be?

dead battery or bad starter or bad starter silanoid

What would cause a 1998 Honda Passport not to stay running?

If it starts but doesn't stay running after you release the key from the start position, it means your ignition switch is bad. Not a huge expense.

Your 98 Honda Passport wont start up why?

There could be many reasons as to why this car will not start up. The battery could be drained, the starter, starter solenoid or alternator could be going bad, or there could be an issue within the fuel system.

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How do you know if it's your starter that is making your 1997 Honda Passport not start?

First make sure your battery is fully charged. Crank the car, if the engine is turning over (moving) your starter is working. HTH

I just got a tune up and now my 1995 Honda Passport now it wont start what could be wrong?

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