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What colleges can you go to for a singing career?

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collages r found everywhere go somewhere like Google

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What colleges in Massachusetts can you go to for a singing career?

well, there's Berklee College of Music. i heard that it's really good.

Where do you go to start a singing career?

Ask Your Singing Teacher And If He/She Thinks Your Good Enough For A Singing Career He/She Will Advice You Where To Go From There! Hope This Helps!

Elvis Presleys Career?

His career was an acting and singing career mostly singing .

Local colleges and universities that offer an anesthesiology career?

you can go to ucf.

Did Chris Brown go to colleges?

no, he said he wanted to focus on his singing than education.

What was Selena Gomez's motive to go into the acting and singing career?

Her mom was an actress

When did Zendaya Coleman started her singing career?

she started her singing career when she was 13 i think

How do you go to colleges?

Within the US, you need to complete high school, or obtain a GED. Once you decide on a career, you can then apply to colleges and universities that offer a program that leads to your intended career.

When did Jesse McCartney start his singing career?

Jesse started his singing career in 1998 when he was 11.

How did Selena start her singing career?

well she started acting first,then she moved on to a singing career

When did Jennifer Lopez started singing career?

Jennifer Lopez started her singing career when she was 18

When did Justin bieber strated his singing career?

He was six years old when he started his singing career.

When was Ontario Association of Career Colleges created?

Ontario Association of Career Colleges was created in 1973.

What school did Keke Palmer go to?

Due to her acting and singing career, she was home schooled.

Carry Underwood's singing career?

when did your career start

What is Rihannas career?


What career do jls have?


How did Avril Lavigne start her career?

April Lavigne started singing at age 15. She is Canadian.

What is the minimum amd maximum education required for a singing career?

There is no minimum or maximum education required for a singing career. Even small children who have not yet started school can launch a successful singing career.

Do you have to go to college in order to be a singer?

No college degree or education is needed to pursue a singing career.

What does demi do now?

after she got out of rehab she decided not to go back to her show but focus on her singing career

Does vanessa hudgens go on moshi monsters online?

It is vanessahudgens255 and she isn't to busy with her boyfriend and singing as she has broken up with Zac and has no singing career anymore!

Why did Miley Cyrus go for a singing career?

because she can sing and obviously its her life and she loves it!.. im pretty sure if you get told or figure out you have an amazing voice you would go into singing too!

What is Ashley Tisdale's career?

her career is being an actress and singing

When did kesha start singing?

She first started her singing career in 2005

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