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What controls the coil and injectors for an Elantra 1994?


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2005-05-13 02:22:14
2005-05-13 02:22:14

"ECM" Electronic Control Module (Under front seat or behind dash).


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Protects the ASD circuit which is the Automatic Shutdown which controls voltage to the fuel injectors and coil.

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The electronics shuts off the current to the coil and injectors are usually under pressure so when there is no current in the coil the force of back pressure shuts the injector. -_- max

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Plugs, coil, injectors, etcsee related question below.Plugs, coil, injectors, etcsee related question below.

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Approx $130 for the coil. See link below

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there is two main things that will cause an elantra to have no spark the ignition coil pack or the crankshaft sensor

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