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Most common problems are Crank Sensor-cheap part, hard to change. Or Ignition Module-expensive, but easy to change.

I have a 98 Riviera stalling out at coast or down hill. Chevy Dealer/Service $70 Diagnostic Vacuum harness, had to order so they taped it off as I drove away and started to accelerate the engine started to miss going uphill. Changed Vacuume harness not stalling anymore. Dtc codes 101(air) and 341(crank). Changed mass airflow sensor and crank shaft sensor. Still miss. Changed coils. Still miss and sputter under high accler..


Could it be a bad ground? I had a Bonneville that would die going around corners. Turned out that when I turned the wheel a certain way, it would die out

Check the engine knock sensor. I've seen it cause that on a few other v-6 GMs.

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Q: What could be causing 1996 buick riviera to die while driving down the road normally starts right back up and runs fine - when engine dies its approx 15 min from cold start no codes?
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