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What could be causing a 1990 Nissan pickup to flood out and not crank?


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2004-11-29 14:55:25
2004-11-29 14:55:25

The cylinder head temperature sensor could be bad. If it shows an open circuit (resistance is infinity) it tells the computer that the air temp is very cold and the computer adds more fuel, kinda like a choke). Locate the sensor (right beside the distributor on a V-6, buried down in the valley) and remove the wiring harness. Use a jumper wire to short the wiring connector to ground. This will fool the computer into thinking the engine is warm and will meter fuel accordingly. You can then drive the truck to someone who has the special tool required to get to the sensor.


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yes it does it mite be the postioning senser located above your transmission housing

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if standard transmission,on top of bellhousing/2 wire connector.

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The "crank" sensor is the pickup plate under the distributor cap.The "crank" sensor is the pickup plate under the distributor cap.

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where is the crank sensor located on 2000 nissan sentra

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