What could be causing a 1991 RS Camaro with a 305 to not get fuel to the TBI?

check fuel pump and fuel filter

If you use ethanol blended gasolines:

Ethanol blended gasolines, [now manditory in regular & mid grade pumps in Manitoba Canada as of Jan 1, 2008] besides burning much cleaner, act as a solvent and clean out your gas tank, gas lines, TBI etc. within 2 to 4 tankfuls of the first time you start using it, I found out long ago. We've had lots of non start engines during the past 2 months cold weather and one a week had this problem.

All that tarnish and gunk etc. gets plugged in your gas line fuel filter and can restrict gasflow. Change your fuel line filter and continue with ethanol and you won't have the difficulty again. You will probably find that you don't have to change the fuel line filter as often now because once it's cleaned out, it's clean. [Unless of course you go back to non-ethenol gas, and repeat the problem when you start the use ethenol again.] Once system is cleaned out, the odd tank of non-ethanol blend won't create a big problem again very quickly.

Enjoy the cleaner air!