What could be the cause of Firefox continually shutting down on my computer?

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This problem happens for a variety of reasons but the main reason or cause that this happens to me is because of a new add-on. Try to uninstall any recent add ons and see if that helps. Otherwise I have had to remove all instances of firefox from my computer and then restart and download a new "clean" version of Firefox. Try starting FireFox in Safe Mode (found in the start menu)
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Could a computer virus shut down your internet connection?

Answer . \nYES!!!!. Answer . \nCheck out pcworld.com or cnunj.com. Answer . \nDear sir,\nI have a problem in my computer that when I want to connect with my user's name and password Dial-up network connects atomatically to another unknown address.Thank you

What are the cause of computer system restart or shut down itself?

Answer . \nThe 'Re-Start' could be caused by a virus. Vheck out you system using Norton Anti-Virus or some other virus checking program and see if there is a bug in yours. The automatic shutdown could also be caused by a virus or it could be in your system setup under 'Power Schemes' and the thin ( Full Answer )

What causes my monitor to shut down for no reason even though the computer continues to run?

Answer . a few things can cause this.. you will have a outlet that you plug ur monitor that has become worn out and no longer can hold the plug in tight. or you have a bad power cable, or if ur monitor is one of the older ones that the power cable is built in then the connections inside the moni ( Full Answer )

Why wont your computer shut down?

Your computer may be not shutting down because he is maybe updating your OS or he has a virus... sometimes times you will have updates that are ready to install, you can see it down in the system tray, a little Shela icon, when you go to shut down, a small box will be under your turn off box that ( Full Answer )

How do you abort shutting down a computer?

Answer . It is virtually impossible, which is why most operating systems ask at least once "are you sure you want to shut down?" The shut down or restart process immediately begins terminating not only visible running programs but also essential processes in the background. If the procedure w ( Full Answer )

How do you shut down your computer?

first you go to the the big thing that says start. then you clic that and it says at the bottom shut down the clic that and it stat to shut down

What causes a computer to shut down and immediately restart itself when you are in the middle of something?

Hardware issues that cause computer shutdowns : . Heat - if your computer or any major component (memory, hard-drive, cpu, power supply) is overheating the system can shut down without notice. . Electrical problem - if any components on the computer have a short or voltage problem the system can s ( Full Answer )

Shut down your computer properly?

to shut down your computer properly, you need to log off your computer. Then go to the start menu and click 'shut down.' If it gives you a list of options, click the 'shut down' option.. Submited by A. S., 4th grader. to shut down your computer properly, you need to log off your computer. Then go ( Full Answer )

How can you shut down your computer?

\nYou go to Start menu and click 'turn off computer' and wait. A Pop-up will come up click shut down on the pop-up. If your computer is froze or won't do this hold the power button down until your computer turns off.. \nYou go to Start menu and click 'turn off computer' and wait. A Pop-up will come ( Full Answer )

What causes a computer to shut down?

A virus can cause a computer to shut down without warning. When thecomputer is low on battery, the computer will also shut down.

Why does my computer shut down on its own?

You could have a virus, it may also be full of dust and overheaing casing it to shut down. Also check your power setting somone may have set it to shut down if not used for a certain period of time.

What happens to a computer when it shuts down?

Youer computer might y any chances will misses up and brocken and you will not be able to get back on youer computer until you get someone to fix it some how

Should computer shut down?

if you shut it down yes but maybe if it shut down raandomly it died or it might have a problem .. i would ask friends or family ... Hope my answer helped

Why computer shutting down repeatedly?

Without more information no one will be able to answer you question with any accuracy. Do a virus and anti spy/malware check to make sure you system is clean and a virus is not force rebuting your PC. I recommend NOD 32 (free trial) or AVG (free). If this doesnt find anything check that your PC ( Full Answer )

Why your computer shutting down on its own?

if your computer runs for a while then shuts down, this is often a lack of power to the system. Try removing anything you can live without (modem card if you use ethernet, soundcard, extra fans) and see if will work then. Most likely this won't work but its worth a shot as the only other alternative ( Full Answer )

Why is Computer slow to shut down?

Your computer is most likely slow to shut down because there are too many processes running, so the system has to safely close all of them. If you want to fix this, press Ctrl+alt+delete and then go to processes tab and close all under your username that you use to log into the computer. Once tha ( Full Answer )

What causes the computer to shut down without warning?

If your computer is shutting down when it starts theres something wrong with one of the startup programs. While booting start the computer in safe mode((continuously press F8 at the time of booting)). Click on start-->run. Type "msconfig" and press enter. A new window opens. Click on the startup tab ( Full Answer )

What causes a computer to shut down itself while being used?

Generally it will be a major error with a program you are running, an incorrect setting in the OS, a virus infection, or overheated CPU that causes the operating system to quit. Run an antivirus/malware scan to eliminate that possibility. Find out which program caused the fatal error. ( What wer ( Full Answer )

Computer shut down unexpectedly?

out of experience, my acer laptop shut down all the time and i had no idea. i got it repaired, and the damage was the CPU overheating and shutting down because of the heat getting to much for the computer. hope this helps :)

How do you quit and shut down the computer?

if you need to quit something then you press control alt delete and got to task manger and quit all of your programs that come up. then shut down. if that does not work then you can unplug or take out the battery

Why does the computer shut down unexpected?

There are many possible reasons why a computer shuts down without warning. Some of these include a) A loose power connection b) Loose memory (RAM) in the socket c) A SW that is causing a machine to hang/crash d) Any hardware problem e.g. in the power supply e) Heating if the cooling fans (on proce ( Full Answer )

Does Firefox slow down your computer?

Firefox can cause computer slow-downs, especially if it has toomany add-ons and is not optimized for your Internet connectionsettings and your hardware. If you feel that Firefox is too slow,you should optimize the settings (you can use optimization softwareto do that) or switch to a more lightweight ( Full Answer )

Why do you shut down computer?

So that you can save power and turn it on the next time you use it. A: You don't have to completely shut it down if you plan on using it within the next few hours. I would recommend placing it in Standby. Standby can cut power to peripheral devices, your monitor, even your hard drive, but main ( Full Answer )

Why is the computer shutting down by itself?

My computer had a tendency to this. you probably either have a virus or you need to take your computer to someone who can 'clean up' your computer. (get rid of unnecessary programs or the virus if you have one) I may be wrong but I hope this helps :)

What virus shuts down computers?

Certain worms that get into your computer shut down your computer when the worm loads. One specific worm is the MSBLAST.exe and W32.Blaster... and also if you search on YouTube you can find people renaming files and creating a fake virus message which shuts down your computer.

How do you shut down a computer next to you?

Simple answer: Unplug it! Complex answer: Need more information... what operating system does it have? do you have administrative rights on either computer? are the computers both connected to a network?

What are the steps to shut down the computer?

Steps to shut down a computer would include the following, whichshould be done in the given order: . Save all your work, for example, Word docs. . Close each program after saving the work in Step 1. . Close your Internet Browser(s) and E-mail program. . Take a few minutes to run Malawarebytes a ( Full Answer )

Why do you need to shut down a computer?

Computers should be shut down properly to make sure that all files are closed properly. Failure to close files correctly can cause a loss of data or corruption of the data.

What are the steps of shutting down a computer?

If you are using Windows, when you tell the system to shut down, any open applications will try to stop the shut down and windows will open a window showing you all those programs and attempt to close them. You can skip the process by pressing Force Shutdown however there is no guarantee that your s ( Full Answer )

Can a faulty monitor cause a computer to shut down?

no it cannot, a monitor is an output device,it in no way affects the workings of a computer and how it functions. it Cannot send any signals or orders to the CPU to make it shut down.

How can you shut down a computer that has frozen?

Hold the power button for 10 seconds, this forces the hardware to shutdown. The only problem is if the computer is writing to the hard drive, when you do this it can cause small corruptions in data.

How do you shut down computer correctly?

there are a a couple r few ways to do this. One way is by going to the start menu and selecting shut down, turn off or whatever Ur computer uses. Or if u have a laptop just press the power button, and if not u can also just press the main power button on the case. Happy i could help!

Why computers shut down by itself?

Sometimes this is a safety precaution. The Cpu has been notified by the hard drive that a possible infection has just occurred or a system failure is prominent. The computer instantly shuts down the usual way, but by it self and is a sign you need to get your drives checked for viruses. You should b ( Full Answer )

Will you continue to get unemployment if government shuts down?

NO, how could you when they will not have any money to pay you! My suggestion to any one that have a job/career is to start a secondary career. Many families are working two jobs to make ends meet and deny the close tied of a family. Children are out of control, no value and etc. Once upon a time th ( Full Answer )

Is power supply causes frequent shutting down of a Desk top computer?

I would check for dust inside the computer also try and put some new CPU ceramic compound clear all fans and heat sink from dust as well as the motherboard. Seems to me it is a heat problem. if it was a power supply problem the computer would have a hard time turning on. did your computer used ( Full Answer )

How do you shut down the computer safely?

close out all programs, & browsers, then go to start, then over to turn off computer, click on that & a box will open with stand by, turn off & restart, stand by puts the computer to sleep, you click turn off & the computer shut down & save your settings.

What causes your computer to shut down by it self?

Some computers are caused to shut down by them self because of many reasons. In a lot of the cases the computer shuts down because of over heating and in the worse situations, they may shut down because of a dangerous virus.