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Hello,If you are running your Capri on plain water only chences are immense that your water pump impeller has completely corroded away or simply desintegrated due to years of friction in water and then merely a rough edged razor sharp flat dish remains rather then an i^peller, which obviously does not circulate the water as required.Recommend you check water circulation by removing top hose at thermmostat and remove thermostat on cold engine an then start up and observe if water is actually being pressed out/forced trough the themostat housing. Dont let it run long, just to see if circulation is really there, otherwise add water continuously without pressurising the cooling circuit (garden hose not pressed into radiator cap but at a distance and merely let water run without pressure) at radiator cap to obseve a few minutes more


Answerthey all do that. lol. i have a 1991 it does the same thing if you let the car ideal. you will see the fan wont even kick on until its up that high. i thought something was wrong with my car also. then i saw photos of others on eBay of the dash with the car running and there was just as high as can pull the fuss out off one of the relay under the hood next to the left front of the fire wall it's in the corner cover in rubber pull the rubber off pull the fuss out and the fan will stay on but when you stop the car put the fuss back in or you might have a brokin vacum hose that will make car run hot or a headgasket might be going out that if you radater is good
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Q: What could be the cause of a 93 Mercury Capri running toward the hot side of the temperature gauge but not in the red if the thermostat was replaced and is working properly?
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Your 1996 Mercury Villager minivan with the 3.0 L - SOHC V6 engine is designed to use The Ford Motorcraft RT 1170 thermostat ( 190 degrees F / 88 degrees C )

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