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its the vent door. next time try hitting the switch for recycle/fresh air off and on. that may help.

2006-08-10 01:14:53
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Q: What could be the cause of a thumping sound from the blower fan under the dash in a 1992 silverado when you turn on the ignition it is electrical not the heater coil and is there a relay causing it?
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What could be causing the thumping noise in your 2003 dodge caravan?

Bad tire? Rotate and see if thumping changes

What is causing a thumping or grinding noise when starting a 1999 ford escort zx2?

This is because of rabbits communicating.

99 silverado 5.3l battery light stays on while in the run position Voltage is low at 12v but battery checks out fine what could be causing this?

On my 2002 the ignition switch was hanging up causing a similar situation. A shot of WD40 into the key hole cleared it up, over a year ago.

What is causing your 98 Chevy silverado to jerk when turning at about 55 mph?

The Driver!

What causes thumping when you step on the breaks?

It is most likely caused by a rotor that is warped. When you step on the brake pedal, the brake pads pulse against the uneven surface, causing a "thumping" you can feel. Other possibilities could include a bad wheel bearing or a tire that has tread that is separating.

You hear a loud thumping every once in a while at the back of your 2004 Elantra What could it be?

This could be a loose exhaust bracket causing it to hit the underside on acceleration.

What can cause the sunroof on a 1989 Nissan maxima to open and windows start to open when the ignition switch is turned on?

Could be at least two things - Electrical short - Electromagnetic coupling between power wires for ignition and window/roof motor control wires. Turn on power bleeds onto motor contol lines and induces a electrical current onto the wires causing them to run. Just a guess

What is causing a 1989 Chevrolet silverado sloshing sound in dash?

Heater core has air in it and or plugging up.

What is the thumping noise from the engine compartment?

I have a 95 Camaro as well with the same problem. My problem was that my cam was eating up my lifters, and then they tried to fix the problem, and adjusted the valves wrong -- thus causing the thumping noise.AnswerIf you hear it when first pulling out or turning from a stop, it could be loose or damaged motor mounts.

1997 f150 blinking dash lights causing the battery to go dead when the ignition is off clicking sound from fuse-relay box under the hood?

You may have a electrical short in your ignition switch or in your fuse relay box,check to see if any water may have gotten into the fuse box relays.

Why does copper make a good gun powder holder?

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How can you override a kill switch on a 1999 Chevy Silverado?

I had a problem with my 1999 silverado bacause of a faulty fuel pump it was causing my truck to cut off after running for a minute or two. After getting under the truck and listening to the fuel pump whine I was then able to determine that the pump was in need of replacement. The truck runs great now that I have replaced the pump. I didn't know what to do for my truck to get it running right so I replaced ignition coils, control modules, and even straight wired my ignition so the relay's wouldn't cause my truck not to crank properly.

Why does my 01 Chevy silverado run out of gas at half tank?

the float in your tank is probably bad, causing inaccurate readings.

a pacemaker:?

sends electrical impulses to the heart, causing it to beat more regularly

What would cause a ignition fuse to keep burning out when the key is turned in the on position on a 1995 ford crown Victoria?

There is a short somewhere in the ignition system causing the fuse to burn out. Start by replacing the ignition switch to see if that helps.

What does an ignition module do?

The Term "Ignition module" can be applied to more than one item. On older cars with a Distributor and coil pack, the ignition module is an electrical switch that turns the power on and off to the coil, which in tern causes the coil to generate a spark. On more modern cars that do not have a distributor, but have fully computerised ignition systems, it usually refers to the ignition coil, which also incorporates the item mentioned above. In both cases it's responsible for causing a surge of high voltage electricity to be supplied to the spark plugs to cause the petrol/air mixture in the cylinders to ignite.

1996 buick skylark- the dash lights dont come on all the time - when they do come on the car will start up right away-what could be causing this?

Sounds like an electrical disconnect somewhere. You can always find a place that can give you an electrical check, but I think it's the ignition switch. Also, check for recalls. There was one recall where a relay has to be put in so that too much current doesn't go back to the ignition switch and melt the thing....

What happens when air uplifts rapidly causing electrical charges to form?

Low Pressure

Why would a 98 dodge Cummins 2500 transmission kick in and out of lock up at fifty to sixty mph?

Bad trans, bad APPS, failing alternator causing electrical noise on APPS circuit, bad lift pump causing electrical noise on APPS circuit, bad brake light switch, dirty grounds on batteries and block, etcBad trans, bad APPS, failing alternator causing electrical noise on APPS circuit, bad lift pump causing electrical noise on APPS circuit, bad brake light switch, dirty grounds on batteries and block, etc

What are the effects on the environment from electrical pollution?

Stray electrical currents that pollute the environment can cause harm to animals and humans by causing significant behavioral changes

Bad ignition module is also causing of not starting?

A bad ignition module will cause a no start situation in a vehicle because the needed spark is not created. It is responsible for telling the distributor when to fire.

You have a 2000 Chevy silverado transmission not shifting hesitating to shift automatic What could be causing this?

when mine had this prblem the planetary gear blew apart.

What is would be causing an Audi 100 ignition not to fire?

Bad coil? Bad dist. cap? Bad rotor?

When it was raining hard and damp your engine cut out why?

check your ignition system for openings where moisture is causing your spark to ground

What happens when the crank shaft sensor fails?

The ignition timing will be off causing misfiring among other problems.