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Your heater coil is bad.

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Can 22 rims fit on a 1992 Caprice Classic?

yea they will with no problem

Can you fit 22 rims on a 94 caprice?

Yes you can. I currently have a 94 caprice classic with 20s so 22s should be no problem.

If there is a short in your 1995 Chevy caprice classic brake lights it keeps blowing the fuses but you think you found the problem but it still blows fuses what do you do next?

check all brake bulbs a filiment may have shorted out

What is wrong when a caprice classic slowing down makes a terrible noise the battery light comes on smoke noise caprice classic?

You would appear to have a serious problem fueled by those strange little creatures from electronic world. Hope this helps to solve your little problem!!! Yours, John Garrett

How do you reset service light on caprice classic?

Have vehicle scanned to determine problem and have codes cleared Auto parts store can do this

Changed rotor cap plugs wires coil on 1990 caprice still no spark what could be the problem?

try the moduel

Can and 83 Camaro 350 fit in your 87 caprice classic?

if your caprice has a 305 or 350 already there shouldn't be a problem. otherwise new or custom motor mounts will be needed, also a tranny to match up to the 350 from the camaro

Will a 350 Chevy truck motor work in your 89 caprice classic?

if there is a 350 in the car no problem ithink the caprice has a 305 or 307 in this case the y pipe will not fit big job good luck drive safe

How do you tell what wrong with a 1995 caprice classic if the battery is not the problem?

Loose, defective, or corroded cables, loose ground wire, starter, or starter solenoid.

What is the 81 caprice classic vacuum diagram?

Please be more specific. Are you looking for a diagram? Do you need to know what it means? Are you having a problem with vacuum system?.

What is the problem in a 1983 Chevy Caprice Classic when it seems like it is not getting enough gas and it will not crank up all the way?

Clogged fuel filter, defective fuel pump, or a carburetor problem.

Your 1989 Caprice classic 305 TBI won't start It is getting gas and the injectors are spraying but it won't start What could the problem be?

check for spark at plugs sounds like a ign problem

Are Chevy caprices good cars?

I am a proud owner of a 1985 Chevy Caprice Classic and I think it is an awsome car. Lots of room and very easy to work on if you have a problem.

Will a 96 impala ss rear end fit a 1983 caprice classic?

Since they're basically the same platform, it should fit without much problem.

Why does my digital speedometer and fuel gauge and oil pressure not work all the timeon my 95 caprice classic?

This is an electrical problem that happens with a lot of Caprice classics with digital spedometers. My speedometer works about 1 day out of the month and the will cut off the other 30 days.

Can you install a 6.5 turbo diesel in a 92 Caprice?

Hi, I dropped an 6.2 diesel in my caprice classic built 1981. Since the 6.5 is the same engine size it would be possible. The only problem might be the turbo. It's all kind of tight in the bay.

Whats wrong when a 1977 caprice classic idles good when warm but dies when you step on the gas?

Adjust your carb, otherwise, it's a problem with gas getting to the carb while accelerating.

The blower is not working at all what could be the problem on a 93 caprice classic?

I would check the fuse, it's in the driver door access panel. after that, blower itself, bad switch in dash. jr

What is the problem when the digital dash of a 1994 Chevy caprice goes out?

The problem when the digital dash of a 1994 Chevy Caprice goes out might be a fuse that is blown under the dashboard. This might also be related to a problem with the computer or with the wiring to the dash.

You have a 94 caprice classic if you supposed to get 220 volts 2 your heater element and you just getting 110 volts so whats the problem?

WHAT????? I hope this is just a comment that you have a caprice and has nothing to do with either 110 or 220 volts Heater element implies either a furnace or a water heater. Where are you checking the voltage? If at the outlet and you only have voltage on one side of the plug it's most likely a fuse or breaker. If there is 220 at the outlet but element is not heating it is the element. Under no circumstance get 110 or 220 anywhere near a 94 Caprice classic

Chevy Beretta blowing out black smoke?

i had this problem recently i cleaned the egr valve and changed the maf senor the gas and air mixture is off the gas is burning rich

How do I fix dell motherboard power problem?

by blowing me

Why is idle high on 1995 caprice at startup?

buy a toyota !! Problem solved

Would a 350 engine fit in a 1986 Chevy Caprice?

It will go right in there no problem.

89 caprice and you have no heat and your drivers side floor is damp what is the problem?

heater core....