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What could be the possible causes if a lady misses her periods?

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being on some Birth Control, preg, or uterin cancer, there are alot of reasons hormone levels are either up or down but none of them other than preg are normal call your doctor imediately...

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Is it normal if a 15 yr old misses her periods by 2 months?

It could be normal if a 15 year old misses her periods by 2 months, particularly if menstruation has only recently begun. Certain changes to lifestyle can bring about missed periods. If this is an ongoing occurrence, it would be wise to seek medical advice.

Is a girl pregnant if she has sex and misses her period?

It is possible, but not the only explanation. She could have irregular periods, or maybe she started her birth control just in time. The only way to know for sure at this point is to take a pregnancy test. Do keep in mind that some girls have periods while pregnant.

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Can you be pregnant inspite of regular periods?

it is possible. your regular 'periods' could be abnormal bleeding. my advice is to take a test.

Your mom had her periods and no syprons when she was carryin you could it be the same with you?

Its sightly possible but unlikely.

Causes of early periods?

It depends on your weight or hormone levels , or it could be if you just had sex.

Could you be pregnant if you have no symptoms but your last two periods weren't regular?

its possible but unlikely

Is it possible to be pregnant and still get periods?

Sometimes you could be getting periods even into the third month. But after that, it usually stops. It is best to consult your doctor.

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You came inside your girlfriend on the 2nd day of her period what are the chances of her getting pregnant?

It is possible that she could be pregnant. She needs to take a pregnancy test if she misses her next period

What could be possible causes for a blower motor to stop working in a 1989 Ford Crown Vic?

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You had your period for half a day and then it stopped Why?

There are a few reasons as to why you had your period for half a day and then it stopped. If your periods are just starting, it is normal for them to be irregular for a while. If you have irregular periods or are on hormonal birth control, this can also affect your periods. Lastly, if pregnancy could be possible, you should take a pregnancy test to rule that out as soon as possible.

Your periods was 6 weeks late could you be pregnant?

my periods was 6 weeks late and i light periods could i be pregrant

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Could you be pregnant if you had two periods within three weeks after you took off your patch?

Its possible. See your doctor for a blood test.

Could you get pregnant if you have irregular periods and were giving a hand job and touched yourself by accident with the fluid on your hands?

Yes. It's possible.

What are the chances of a 50 year old woman becoming pregnant if she still has regular periods?

It is possible that she could, but the chances get lower as you get older

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What causes irregular or late periods?

Very extrenous excersice or training could be a factor along with drug side effects. Wheter or not this might be the case, medical advise should be seeked when sudden late periods occur.