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Ford Crown Victoria

What could be possible causes for a blower motor to stop working in a 1989 Ford Crown Vic?


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It could be the relay


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crown Victoria blower not working and head lights.

The blower is a multi speed unit.

If by scrub you mean drag or cease, then it is possible that the calipers need to be replaced.

My crown vic 2000 when ac runing that time fac not working pls help me

Check/ replace the blower resistor. Located in the duct work under the hood. Follow the wires from the blower motor to a plug on the duct work. This is the resistor

You can unplug the blower motor and run a jumper wire to test the blower motor. If it is grounded through the plug you'll have to run a ground wire to it also. Blower Motor tested good. The Problem was the Blower Motor Controller which was located on the firewall just below the Heater Hoses. Thanks for responses to question.

most likely cause is one of three relays for the blower motor, usually located on the firewall under a plastic covering or near the battery If you do not use the blower motor very often like your car sits for a few weeks mositure gets in the blower motor and causes rusting which can cause your blower motor to lock up. Best suggestion is to run you air conditioning unit on high for about half an hour every once in a while.

There are two possible actions: 1) Replace the speedometer head assembly, because that is where your problem is. 2) Ignore the broken odometer and forget about it. The speedometer and odometer are one assembly. The same input that drives the speedo also drives the odometer, so you have a problem in the head itself.

Possible could be just the switch. Try and find one at the scrap yard and check it out.

Two possible things. Low on freon, or the high/low switch has to be changed. It's on the top line, with the a/c wire plug.

Whats the year? Possible problems.........Spark plugs, ign. wires, fuel filter. injector's dirty, timing. Theres a few more, but start with this.

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Answersounds like a blend door acctuator badIf the system was flushed you could have an air pocket in the sytem.Check the return hose from the heater core it should be hot if not you have air in the system.

The best possible answer--unless someone in Belfast, Ireland knows--is before 1885 when the Crown Bar Liquor Saloon was fully renovated.

could possibly just be your C.V. joints

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