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most likely cause is one of three relays for the blower motor, usually located on the firewall under a plastic covering or near the battery If you do not use the blower motor very often like your car sits for a few weeks mositure gets in the blower motor and causes rusting which can cause your blower motor to lock up. Best suggestion is to run you air conditioning unit on high for about half an hour every once in a while.

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Q: What is the most likely cause of a blower motor not blowing air intermittently and when not blowing making a short fizzing sound on a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria?
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Crown Victoria blower not working head lights?

crown Victoria blower not working and head lights.

Fan blower speeds on Crown Victoria?

The blower is a multi speed unit.

Heater blower fuse keeps blowing?

Motor hasseized.

Why not soot blowing performed of air preheater?

Soot blowing is done in air pre heater by a blower called swing blower which is different from half retractrable or full retractable or deslagger.

Fiesta heater not blowing?

Blown fuse, defective blower motor, or defective blower motor resistor pack.

2003 Toyota Echo Ac stoped blowing air where is blower located?

If the AC stopped blowing air on your 2003 Toyota Echo, the blower fuse could be to blame. If the fuse is fine, it might be the blower resistor that needs to be replaced.

What do you call a person that likes blowing things up?

A blower upper

On a 2010 Ford Fusion could the claimant control stop the aircondictionjng blower from blowing air?

On a 2010 Ford Fusion, the claimant control can stop the air-conditioning blower from blowing air.

1987 buick regal limited Blower Motor isn't blowing when I cut it on No air is blowing through the vents at all I have a new blower motor What could be the problem?

first thing to check is the fuse

The blower intermittently quits on your 2000 Eddie Bauer Explorer and has finally quit for good is this the blower motor resistor or blower control module or switch?

It could be the blower itself as well. The first thing I would do is find the wattage of the blower (dc, I assume.) and connect the ground. Is there power to the unit?

Why would the blower motor come on intermittently on a 1998 Chevrolet Malibu?

It sounds as if you have either a power or ground problem at the motor.

Why did your heater in your van stop blowing?

Blown fuse, defective Blower Motor Resistor Pack, Defective Blower Motor, or Defective Blower Motor speed control switch.

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