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You should first check to see if there is a good spark coming from the ignitor. Remove a spark plug from a cylinder, plug it back into the plug wire, and place it near a good ground source that is NOT near anything flammable (i.e. fuel rails, injectors, the fuel filter, your battery, etc.). Turn the engine over and watch for a spark. If there is a nice blue spark the ignition is ok. If not, then replace all worn ignition components including the ignitor if necessary. Should you have good spark and still the car won't start you should make sure you have adequate fuel pressure. Have you changed that ten dollar fuel filter lately? now might be a good time to do that. To check for fuel pressure locate the fuel filter next to the battery. Disconnect the battery and cover it with adequate amounts of rags or other NON conductive material so it will stay dry when you remove the fuel filter. First loosen the banjo bolt on top of the filter hose while covering your wrench with a rag (*this releives fuel pressure AND lets you know that pressure exists*) then proceed to undo and replace the filter. Once complete you should haev to turn the car over a few times before it will start. Depressing the throttle while turning over can help speed this process. Did that do it? Well if you have fuel and spark and you STILL can't get your car to start then you might have bigger problems. A timing problem could be a cause. Honda timing belts "SHOULD" (i.e. you better do it!) be changed every 90k miles. If your timing belt has snapped you could be in trouble. It's worth the money to TAKE IT TO A DEALERSHIP when it comes to a timing belt. If your Honda has very high mileage you may have other problems amidst that require more in-depth technical diagnosis than a home user would likely be capable of, and even if they were capable an even smaller percentage would have the equipment to do so. A dealership will usually charge a half-hour to an hour of labor for a thorough diagnosis of the vehicle. Even if you choose not to get the repair done there you will at least know it's been diagnosed by someone with dedicated Honda experience and factory training.

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Q: What could be the problem if a Honda Accord EX will not start and the fuel relay switch keeps switching off but the switch not need replacing?
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