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check the spark plugs and spark plug leads also the air filter.

Your problem is that it is a daewood dude invest in a new car


First off Daewoo's are bad about transmission problems *I used to work at a transmission shop* from my understanding, these cars were put out under a warranty program and the company changed names to drop these binded warranties to keep from getting sued because they found that these cars had bad problems *apparently when a company switch's names it unbind's contracts?, this is just kinda what i was told by the owner* anyway with that out of the way

you could be having a problem with your torque converter, this is a normal problem, i was just letting you know about the daewoo just in case you were to ever go to get it worked on maybe thinking that it may still be under some kind of factory warranty, but if it is a torque converter this should cost you about 300 to 400 dollars to fix. Unless you want to do your own work then it would probably only cost about 70 - 120 dollars.

good luck

had same problem.... check cataliytic convertor of exhaust as the honeycomb filling cracks and blocks the exhaust pipe.....this is quite weird but true....shards of this substance break off and block other mufflers

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Q: What could be the problem of a 1999 Daewoo Nubira Wagon it has a terrible vibration from a stop to about 40 mph then it goes away it comes back if going up hill at any speed the rimsaxlesbearingstires were checked?
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