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Thermostat is stuck open.

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Q: What could be the problem on a 1999 buick century when it takes 15 minutes to warm up?
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What could be the problem with a 1998 Buick Century that starts smelling of gasoline inside at idle?

Leaking fuel. Get this fixed ASAP.

Power steering pump Buick century?

I have a 2000 Buick Century costom and I replaced it but it leaks what could be wrong

Where can you find a vacuum diagram for a 2000 Buick Century?

i have a 2000 buick century and the evap comes on where and what could be setten off the evap ?

My windows won't go up or down it will work but then it will stop for a while on my 95 buick century?

The window motors could be losing power in the 95 Century. Check the wiring and switches for any loose connections causing the problem.

1998 Buick park ave that just dies after running for 15 minutes what could this be?

1996 buick park avenue heater blinks

What could cause a 1996 Buick century to have water in oil?

i have a 1996 buick century just came back from mechanic head gasket is gone and there is anti freeze in my oil i guess if you had water in your rad then you would have water in your oil.

What if the electronic speedometer on your 1992 buick regal does not work what could be the problem?

Vehicle Speed Sensor

Where is the orfice tube located on a 2002 Buick Century?

Some are in the inlet to the evaporator and some could be in the condenser line.

Why are exhaust manifolds turning red on 1993 Buick century 3.3?

the catilatic converters could be stopped up.

Have replaced fuel filter and fuse is good what else could it be car won't start on a 93 buick century?

hello how are you?

Why does popping noise come from rear end of buick regal?

The popping noise from a Buick Regal could be one of several things. You could have brake issues, or some problem with the suspension. Left unimpaired, the car could break down at any time.

IF a 2002 buick century Loses power climbing hills what could this be?

Could be tune up time including air and fuel filters. Could also be a plugged catalytic converter.

What would cause water leak into the floor panel of the passenger side of a 1986 buick century?

It could be the heater core leaking.

Why don't the turn signals or running lights as well as the automatic headlights on your 97 buick century work?

The lights on your Buick could be out for a number of reasons. It could be blown fuses, faulty wiring, or dead bulbs. Your mechanic would be able to test this.

Why would a 1992 buick skylark stall while driving and start back up a few minutes later?

this could be several things. If it occurs often there could be a fuel pump or fuel pump filter problem. The gas filter in the line could be clogging. The mass airflow sensor cound be going out.

1989 buick century has been sitting up for 3 years has 65285 miles ran great when parked will not start now what could be the problem?

I am no mechanic but I would certainly start with the fuel the gas fresh, is it getting gas, etc

Why do running lights and taillights remain on when headlights are turned off on 93 Buick Lesabre?

I had this problem with my 1994 Buick LeSabre and it no longer happened when I installed a new battery. It's been at least 6 months now with no recurrence of the problem. Before the new battery, I noticed that if I waited about 5 minutes after turning off the car, I could get the lights to turn off. Seemed like something had to cool down.

What could Fix code P1870 1997 buick lesabre?

take it to a transmission shop. The problem is in the tcc valve body.

I have a 92 buick lesabre my security light is flashing and my car wont crank with the key what could be the problem?

take it to dealership

2002 Buick Century Do you have to take it to an auto store to get your battery put in?

yes because it could be really dangerous without proper equipment

The blower fan works on a 99 buick century but nothing is coming out of the air ducts?

Sounds like the duct doors are not opening properly. Could be a vacuum leak, or it could be the stuck doors need to be replaced, which mean taking off the dash...which is about $450 before addressing the duct doors problem.

How can a check engine light be affected by the amount of gas in the tank your 1998 Buick Century Light comes on at half tank?

Certain self diagnostics are only run at specific fuel levels. Have the system checked for codes to know what the possible problem could be.

Buick skylark gs 1994 horn does not work where is the problem located?

It could be your courtesy light fuse. See my answer on horn blowing continously. It is really hard to explain what the problem is.

92 buick tail light not working?

A few things could be the problem: bad bulb bad fuse bad ground

In a 1997 Buick LeSabre the ac blows out the defroster for the first 5 minutes then comes out the vents it could be a vacuum leak where do you look for it?

I just fixed a similar problem on my 95 LeSabre, got info from this website.