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also check and see if you are getting spark. it may be bad coil,or solonoid. good luck ignition module on the distributer

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โˆ™ 2006-07-02 21:02:46
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Q: What could be the problem with an 89 f150 econoline van when it just dies and wont restart?
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What can be the cause of 1983 mercury cougar dying at varied stops no coughing or spitting just dies even after it has been warmed up but restart with no problem?

it could be a bad lock up torque converter(if equiped with it). vehicle dies when coming to a stop.

Your 1991 Cadillac eldorado dies going down the road but will restart after stopping only to stall alittle while later could this be an ignition module problem?

Sounds like your electronic control module is going bad

What is wrong if a 1998 Chevy Blazer starts but stops when the RPMs are lower and then dies and may or may not restart?

it is propaly you fuel pump i had the same problem

My car dies when I'm driving - When I press the gas the car dies - The car also idols too hard - what could be the problem?

It could be the fuel pump.

While driving a 1996 Firebird car dies outs and cannot restart What could be the problem?

Battery, Alternator, Gas?, Spark plugs, loss of pressure in the enguine? is the car turning over at all? does it want to start? Does it do anything when you turn the key?

1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera It will start up then after 5 seconds the engine dies What could be the problem?

possible ignition modual, what is your fuel presure, does car restart immediatly or after it sits for a while Possibly clogged fuel filter, or bad fuel pump.

What to do when 91 lumina strats 4 30 second then dies it strats but dies?

Could be a fuel delivery problem, start with replacing the fuel filter.

Engine almost dies when put in revers?

Could be a transmission problem, assuming an automatic transmission.

Engine starts then dies?

I experienced this same problem before too. The security system could be the problem. The imobaliser shuts of the car if it thinks there is a problem with the ignition(if it was hotwired).

Ford F150 V8-302 5.0L with dual gas tanks dies while driving It will restart after 5 to 10 minutes sometimes sooner It never fails to restart however sometimes it takes longer?

Start with a new fuel filter since it is relatively cheap, then check the fuel pump if the problem persists. Actually, the problem was with the Distributor Stator.

92 Chevy 1500 pu dies while driving down the road and will restart after it dies each time?

clogged fuel filter

How come my 1997 passat dies sometimes?

If your 1997 Passat dies sometimes, you might have an issue with the alternator not charging the battery. You could also have a problem with the distributor or the coil.

99 Ford Taurus runs good for about 20-30 minutes will restart and then dies after about 1 hour will restart and run fine?

I'm currently dealing with the same problem, and I've narrowed it down to the map sensor. It resets when you restart the car. Easy replacement, it's a small black box located after the intake air filter on the metal pipe, just held there by 2 screws.

What if your 94 cavalier runs then dies If you let it sit for 20 it starts back up and will run again What could be the problem?

Had same problem and changed the ignitionmodule, problem solved and runs great

What happens if you whole family dies on virtual families?

then your game is over and you then have to restart another family.

What happens if your creature dies in Black and White 2?

you dont get another one you have to restart the land

Your S10 dies intermittantly while running the dashborad lights flicker before it dies but the truck starts after a gap of few minutes new battery could it be the alternator or is it an electric?

Ignition switch is going bad. Will have to replace it. Because eventually the truck will not restart at all.

What is Everybody's Problem?

Everybody's problem is tht everybody dies.

What's the problem with a 93 Sarfari Van that dies but will restart?

I have a 93 GMC Safari and when I have that problem, it has always been the gas that got. Once the fuel injectors needed to be replaced. Have your fuel injectors checked. My van does it every time I use any gas other than Amoco.

When was Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies created?

Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies was created on 2007-05-14.

What could be the problem when Mitsubishi Grandis 1998 starts for a moment and dies almost immediately and will not run?

Change the cam sensor

My suburban dies while driving and wont restart for a while I took it to a mechanic and they said the fuel pump was going out so I replaced it The problem is still happening What else could be wrong?

I have a 99 suburban and the battery cables can become loose. You have to clean and tighten them regularly. It has happened to me a lot. It is a design fail on gmc's part.

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What can be wrong if your 2003 sunfire just dies and will not restart?

Try the fuel pump, it may need to be replaced.

Why cant you restart a Corvette once the battery dies?

The answer is obvious. The battery is dead and will not turn the engine over.