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the turn signal flasher may be the problem moast vehickles have one forturn &one for 4way

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Can the hazard switch keep the turn signals from working?

Not typically. answer yes the hazard lights stop turn sinals from working there are only 2 elements in the bulb one for stop and one for turn hazars use same eement as turns signals it is for that reason that it is illegal in most states to actually drive with your hazards working they are supposed to be used only when stopped

Why do the hazard lights stay on in dashboard?

If you will notice the hazard lights are not actually flashing, reason being, the hazard flasher relay is defective. Replace it.

Why does hazard and turn signals don't work on 2005 mustang?

The common reason why is a fuse blew.

What could be the reason for the tail lights and dash lights to go out when the turn signals are used on a 1997 Mazda LX?

There is a short somewhere in the wiring.

Why dont Dash lights and tail lights not working grand am?

The most common reason that your dash lights and taillights are not working on your Pontiac Grand Am is blown fuses. Replace the fuses.

Why would the turn signals brake lights and hazard lights all quit at the same time on a 1991 Ford Explorer?

9 times out of 10, it's just a fuse, check your fuses be sure non are blown out, It has to have blown out for a reason, find any loose grounds, touching wires or wire damage.

When may you use harzard warning lights?

You may use you hazard warning lights when your car breaks down, you have a flat tire, or you need to pull over for any reason.

What could be the reason for the brake lights and blinkers not working on a 1996 Ford E-250 Van?

i had the same problem...turned out the hazard flashers button on top of steering column was in the wrong position ! about simplr..hope it works for you

What causes the turn signals and hazard lights not to work on a 2001 daewoo Nubira?

If all of them have spontaneously gone out then it is likely a blown fuse. Look in the fuse box for hazard lights and pull the fuse out with the fuse puller. Then replace it with one of the same color (and probably the same number on the top). However, if your fuse is blown, there is usually a reason, which will cause it to soon blow again. There could be a short in your wires somewhere. But just replace the fuse and if it keeps happening then look into it more closely.

Is the TNS relay in the fuse box under the hood a 'turn signal relay' and if so could that be the reason the turn signals and emergency flashers will not work on a 1999 Mazda 626?

The TNS relay in my '99 626 is blown, causing the dash lights, front & back parking lights, and taillights to not work. Turn signals and hazard lights still work. Quick test: The A/C relay is exactly the same part. You can swap relays to check the TNS relay. Be warned that swapping relays can result in more damage if a short caused the first one to blow. Doc

What could be the reason for dash board lights and tail lights not working on a 1989 Mercury Sable even after the fuses have been replaced?

Is there a penny stuck in the lighter port?

Why are the interior lights to 2003 range rover are not working?

The most likely reason why the interior lights of a vehicle are not working is because a fuse has blown. That is especially true if all of them are not working. Get out your owners manual. See where the fuse box is located. Find the particular fuse, and replace it.

Could a broken wire by the brake pedal be the reason the brake lights stopped working?

Yes if the wire is part of the brake lamp switch

What causes a hazard to become a disaster?

The reason a hazard becomes a disaster is because the hazard is ignored. Most disasters can be avoided if care is taken to correct minor situations.

Why my turn signals don't blink but the hazards blink in my 1995 blazer?

The reason why is that the turn signal flasher is defective. There are 2 flasher relays on your vehicle. One for the turn signals and one for the hazard lights. The turn signal flasher relay is located on the driver side of the vehicle, passenger side of the steering column, under the dash, next to the cigarette lighter. It was also mounted on the driver side of the steering column under the dash on some 1995 Chevy Blazers. Be sure and look in both locations.

What is the purpose of a hazard light in automobiles?

To be used in an emergency or when you are broke down on the highway. The flashing lights warn other drivers that your car is not moving. This helps prevent an accident. The were originally called emergency flashers for a reason.

Why do you have no brake lights?

The most common reason is a bulb failure. If the bulb is known working, or replacing the bulb does not cure the problem, look to the fuse, switch and wiring.

What besides fuses could be the reason your turn signals do not work on 94 Ford Explorer XLT and is there a signal timer My hazards and wipers are working?

You could have a lose wire in the stering column.

Why won't the backup lights on 93 Ford Probe work but the turning signal and brake lights do?

The backup lights are a different bulb, then the turn signals and brake lights and The Number 1 reason would be that the bulbs are burned out and need replaced. Good Luck and Remember.Change Your Mind, Not Your Oil.Use the First In Synthetic Motor Oil's.See My Bio For Information & Contact Details.

Why are your lights not working on your xv100 virago?

The most common reason for lights failure on 1985-88 Yamaha Virago XV 100's is battery problems. Check to see that the battery is in working condition and sufficiently charged. If the battery is fine, there may be a problem with the main fuse and the ones below the indicator panel.

What did came first the vehicles or the traffic lights?

Logically, unless there were reasons to control traffic, there would have been no reason to create or install traffic lights. Because "traffic" generally comprises vehicles (motorized or otherwise), the traffic was probably there prior to the lights. Certainly, there were mechanical traffic signals that preceded traffic lights, not to mention traffic officers who once stood at busy intersections to direct traffic on a regular basis.

How do you troubleshoot and fix a turn signal and emergency flasher problem on a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

I hope someone answers your question because I have the same car with the same problem.I already had a connector it the car for trailer lights. It used to work & seems to still be working. But when Haul plugged in trailer lights to it, our turn signals stopped working. The connectors from the trailer were real ratty; I wouldn't be surprised if they hooked up something backwards. They also had to run a separate ground wire to get the lights on the trailer working. I think they had the turn signals working at some point when they were hooking it up.Symptoms (all started when trailer hooked up):Turn signals completely dead. No lights, no flashing, no turn indicator lights on dash board.4-way flasher also completely dead.Alternator light on dash & brake warning light on dash both on.Problem same whether trailer hooked up or not.Things that still work:Brake & parking lights work fine on car & trailer. I repaired the connections on the cable coming from the trailer and it seems to be wired correctly. I tested the trailer lights with a spare battery and they light when they should.All fuses visually look good (both the ones next to driver & the ones under hood).UHaul connector installed on car has built in indicator lights (wonderful feature!). Lights come on when they should for parking & brake. But they don't come on for turn signal, which is no surprise.I can't find the flasher (if there is one). I can't find my owner's manual. I can't find any clues or fuse diagrams on the Web. (Google has a lot of strange Russian websites that don't have anything to do with the car-annoying.Help!============================Richard, did you ever find out a reason for this? I have exactly the same problem.rickPossible solutionTry the hazard switch this cuts out the supply to the indicators to prevent overloading the circuitif the switch has gone faulty the indicators do not normally work.

Tail lights and dash borad lights not working 1995 land rover?

Both lights are on the same fused circuit. First, check the fuse. If you have a trailer light plug, make sure it's not shorted. Generally, you need to find the reason the fuse blew out. check fuse there on same circuit

Where do you look 1995 ford conversion van Centaurus package TV and indirect lights quit working all other lights ok?

I got this problem solved. It was a blown fuse in the power distribution box ubder the hood. Could find no shorts or reason for blown fuse, Replaced fuse and working fine now.

What could be the reason for the turn signals not working on a 1995 Dodge Intrepid?

check the fuses first,then check the hazard wire connected to the battery for a break pull on it lightly if it stretches you find the problem the wire is broken.If ok use a 12 volt test light and check for power at the circuits doing this in section isolating the problem and make sure check wires before you do this a broken or frayed wire can cause this