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There could be dozens of reasons... I would start with checking the coolant temp sensor - the 2 wire one for the PCM - place it on a scanner and see what it reads. Eric

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What weather does Saturn have?

it has a very warm type of weather

What is weather like on Saturn?

storms are formed on saturn by clouds that swirl and form into a hurrican so the weather is like jupiter's red spot on saturn

Does Saturn have Weather?


What is the Saturn general weather?

Weather on saturn is generally very windy, with wind speeds up to 1,100 mph.

Is weather on Jupiter hotter than weather on Saturn?

yes it is.

Is there any weather or seasons in Saturn?


What is the temperature and weather for Saturn?


What weather occurs on Saturn?

The weather on Saturn is extremely cold. The temperatures reach from -150 degrees C to -93 degrees C. If you reach the high clouds of Saturn, that it where it is the coldest. Also the major gases on Saturn are Hydrogen and Helium.

What is the atmosphere and the weather like on Saturn?

The weather on Saturn is extremely cold compared to Earth. Saturn experiences severe storms which cab last years due to its slow rotation around the sun.

What is the weather in Saturn?

you really think i know??/

What is the weather like on planet Saturn?


Does the planet Saturn Have Stormy weather?


What is the climate and weather of Saturn?

it is very cold

How come you can not live on Saturn?

There are two main reasons. First, Saturn has no solid surface. Second, Saturn does not have a breathable atmosphere.

What is the weather like on Saturn?

Storms are formed on Saturn by clouds that swirl and form into a hurricane. The weather is like Jupiter's red spot on Saturn. It is cold because it is far away from the Sun.Storms are formed on Saturn by clouds that swirl and form into a hurricane.Additional Information:The weather on Saturn is much like the gas giant planets. It is very cold and windy on the planet. The average temperature on Saturn is -285 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 1000 mile per hour wind speeds on Saturn.

What type of weather is it in Saturn?

wats up boys

Weather on Saturn?

couldy and has could strips and storms

What is the weather on Saturn?

well i think it is cold and hot

Can you survive saturn' s weather?

no u can NOT!

What do Mercury and Saturn have in common?

very cold weather

What kind of weather does Saturn?

only thonder storms

Is Saturn out or in?

If by that you mean, weather its an outer or inner planet then Saturn is an outer planet...the 6th planet in our solar system.

The weather on Saturn?

-93 degrees Celsius and very cold

What kind of weather conditions on Saturn?

only thunder storms

Does the weather change on planet Saturn?

no cause its the same cause helium