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If your fuel gauge and speedometer are not working on an all electronic/digital dashboard chances are you have a fuse that needs replaced or, you may need to check behind the dashboard for physical signs of water damage.

I suggest trying to change fuses first. Even all electronic cars like my Cadillac do well when I pull every fuse from the fuse panels and reinstall them. It doesn't hurt the on board computer as long as the car is not running while you're pulling them. Start the car after all have been replaced.

I have often found that doing this also helps things begin to work that may have been out of commission for a while as well. For NON-DIGITAL dash lights, simply check the light bulbs behind the speedometer and dash areas to examine the condition of the bulbs themselves. Often, moisture blows these bulbs out from condensation caused by temperature changes in the passenger compartment. Though you shouldn't have excessive moisture or you may have a leak that needs serious looking into. Keep all windows up at night.

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What is the solution to fix kia spectra's speedometer that is not working properly?

The fix for a speedometer that is not working properly on a Kia Spectra may not be a simple fix. Many people have suggested that it could be a speed sensor. However, the best option is to take it to a certified mechanic to have it inspected.

2003 Tahoe speed meter is broken?

Have your mechanic check the speedometer cable connections. They no longer use a cable. It is electronic. If the speedometer is not working but the odometer is, the problem is in the dash cluster. If both the speedometer and odometer are not working, the speed sensor in the transmission may be at fault.

Why does the speedometer stop working sometimes?

Either your VSS (vehicle speed sensor) or your GEM Module (generic electronic module) is not working/broke.

How do you fix the speedometer cable on a 1998 Honda Civic EX?

A 98 Civic does not have a speedometer cable. It is an electronic speedometer. So if you are having problems with it not working the most likely culprit is the vehicle speed sensor (VSS).

What are the effects of a electronic device exposed to magnets?

electronic devices that get too close to magnets, can stop working properly.

Why is the speedometer not working on Mazda 3 2004?

speedometer not working can you help

Would the odometer stop working if the speedometer stopped working on a 1998 Dodge Ram?

you can go to speedometer and out of speedometer

Solution to electronic waste?

The jury's still out on this issue, but they're working on the solutions.

The Check Engine Light came on and the transmission seemed to stop shifting properly and the speedometer is not working?

Bad speed sensor.

If the speedometer stop working on an Toyota a 91 corolla what part needs to be replace?

You may need to replace the speedometer fuse. The speedometer cable can cause your speedometer to stop working. The speed sensor can also cause the speedometer to stop working.

95 Honda accord and have replaced the speed control sensor but the speedometer is not working?

Since you replaced the sensor, and the speedometer still isn't working it is possible that you will need to replace the speedometer cable. Check the cable first to be sure that it is still properly connected, and if so replace the cable to see if that solves the problem.

Why would your speedometer stop working after 30 miles with lights on but not when off?

If this is an electronic unit, the heat generated after the lights are on for one half hour, is affecting the intergrity of the electronic circuit board.

Why is the speedometer not working on a 1991 Chrysler New Yorker?

It is probably a bad speed sensor. The speed sensor is located on the transmission and sends a signal to the speedometer. It acts like a speedometer cable only sending electronic pulses instead of turning like a cable does.

Where is the speedometer cable on a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

There is none, it's electronic working from signals fron the vehicle speed sensor and ECM.

Why is my 2003 trailblazer RPM gauge not working properly?

Check your vehicle speed sensor. It controls your RPM's and your Speedometer. Hope this helps.

When you replace a speedometer head on a 1994Mercury Cougsr XR7 is the speedomoter head under the car or in dashboard?

the speed sensor is located on the side of the transmission, there is no physical cable like the older cars, the speedometer and sensor are electronic. If the speedometer is working and showing speed traveled but the trip meter (odometer) is not working, the speedometer itself is faulty, is the speedometer is not showing speed travel and the odometer is not logging miles travel, then most likely the speed sensor is dead.

Why did your speedometer stop working its digital?

My 89Chevrolet astro van digital speedometer stop working. How do I fix it

Why suzuki c90 speedometer not working?

A Suzuki c90 speedometer may not be working because of a blown fuse.

What makes the gas gauge water gauge and speedometer stop working?

why would a speedometer stop working on a Mazda

On your 2002 vue your speedometer is not working what could be the problem?

If the speedometer and the odometer are not working, I would suspect the VSS (vehicle speed sensor). If only the speedometer is not working I would suspect the instrument cluster has problems.

Speedometer not working in Chevy 2003 silverado?

If the speedometer is not working but the odometer is, I would suspect the dash cluster is at fault. If both speedometer and odometer are not working I would suspect the speed sensor on the transmission is at fault.

Why is the speedometer not working on 1987 Chevrolet celebrity?

The 1987 Celebrity uses an electronic speedometer. There is a VSS(vehicle speed sensor) on the trans-axle that could have failed. The speedometer itself may have failed, the ECM (engine control module "computer") may have failed or there could be wiring issues.

1998 Ford Mustang odomer not working?

If speedometer working--probably needs new head or repair If speedometer not working could be a bad cable

Why would your speedometer and odometer stop working on your 1996 or newer Ford Taurus Mercury Sable?

Most likely a loose connection or bad sensor it is electronic

Speedometer stopped working on 1993 Toyota Camry?

There are a few reasons that could cause the speedometer to stop working on your Toyota Camry. If the mileage is still working then the speedometer cable end is damaged. If both the odometer and speedometer do not work then the cable is most likely broken.

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