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it could be the shearing pin fitted in most cars to stop thieves breaking the steering lock, could have been damaged when you took it out, or the splines on the lower knuckle joint not connected

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Q: What could be wrong Replaced the steering column and the steering wheel just spins?
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What could cause a 1984 Dodge d100 manual steering to not work steering wheel just spins and spins what could it be?

there could be a few reasons for this . the steering wheel splines could be striped , try turning he wheel and see if the steering rod turns where it goes into the the lower part near the steering box if not take the steering wheel off and check the splines on the column.. if it does spin there maybe the possability that the box is bad inside the gears may have split. - many of these trucks also used a system with a coupler on the gearbox that looks like a stamped steel socket, inside that socket are pieces that resemble "dog bones" often either the coupler itself is severely worn or the pin and etc associated with the dog bones are busted or worn, i would check this before attempting removal of the steering wheel itself. follow the steering rod from the firewall down to the gearbox and then attempt to manually turn this rod with your for the set-coupler and the "guts" are under $50

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What if your 1998 town cars has troubles with the steering wheel it spins freely and the wheels will not turn What is the fix for this problem?

If the steering wheel spins freely but the wheels don't turn, the steering shaft (which runs from the steering wheel, into the engine compartment, and down to the steering box) probably came apart. Usually there are one or more joints in the steering shaft, to allow it to angle around obstructions in the engine compartment. It may be that the shaft separated from one of these joints. Find the steering shaft in the engine compartment and see if it's continuous all the way down to the steering box. Also see if when you turn the steering wheel, if the shaft turns also. If it doesn't, then there's a problem with the steering wheel's mounting to the shaft. At the steering wheel, the shaft is usually cut with a bunch of little notches, which the steering wheel hub slides onto. If these notches have gotten stripped, then the hub has nothing to grip, and the wheel will spin free without moving the steering shaft.

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