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Most likely its not your mass air flow sensor its gonna be your tp sensor (throttle position) or your down stream oxygen sensor because a MAF sensor controls your ITS or Ideal temp sensor witch can affect your accel and your idle when under a load but when its at rest or idle it will be affected by a tp sensor of O2 sensor they call the O2 sensor the spark plug that never gets changed..

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 22:56:18
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Q: What could be wrong if a 2001 Alero idles between 300-1000 rpms in park and neutral but in gear idles and runs fine?
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Could a neutral wire be powered?

There should be zero voltage between neutral and ground.

Need to find out makes a 99 olds alero miss fire on cylinder 1?

my 2002 alero is missing and has no power what could b wrong

Why Hot and neutral are both hot?

You'll have to explain your problem better.If HOT black and Neutral White in your house wiring are both hot then Neutral is NOT bounded to ground in main panel and neutral could be floating. There should be no voltage between Neutral and Ground (Bare wire in panel). By code if there are multiple panels Ground is only bonded to Neutral in th emain entry panel. I have seen cases where this bonding was not done. At your main panel check voltage between neutral and ground. It should be zero.

What should you do if Alero sunroof won't close?

If the sunroof will not close on the Alero, first check the fuse box to see if a fuse might be blown. The Alero could also need to have the hinges greased a little. Vegetable oil on a soft cloth will accomplish this.

What could cause a 2001 alero to squeal as if the brakes are bad but only when you turn left or right?

In my 1999 Alero, it did this and it was traced back to the power steering pump going bad.

On a standard three prong AC outlet what should the AC voltage measure between neutral and ground?

Zero, or very close to it. If there is a large neutral current flowing, voltage drop on the neutral leg could cause a volt or so to read between the two. If you read full line voltage, the outlet is wired wrong!

What are the overheating problems 2002 Oldsmobile alero?

a 2002 Alero could have several problems causing the overheating. Thermostat, water pump, or clogged radiator issues are the most common causes of overheating.

What could cause a rear defroster to not work in a 2001 Alero if not a fuse or relay?

It could be that the connector wire broke in the rear. It happened to me.

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What could the howling in the front end of an alero be?

The howling is most likely one of the wheel bearings.

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Jeep wont start in park or neutral COULD IT BE A NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH?

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Your 1997 ford expedition wont go into gear unless you put it into neutral before you start it what could the problem be?

could be the neutral safety switch.

What could be wrong when alero wont start or make any sounds when ignition is turned?

battery is shot?

Why does the brake light on the alero dashboard stay on when your e-brake is not engaged?

You could be low on brake fluid.

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Where could a power steering unit be leaking?

most likely your alero's power steering pump would be leaking from the power steering reservoir, but as an alero owner i have had to replace the whole pump because the pump shaft snapped on me

What could be the problem when a 2000 Alero drives anywhere from 5 to 30 miles and stalls?

you could have a pluged catilitic converter or a pluged fuel filter

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Is the problem with the horn going off on the 2003 Alero a factory defect?

Could you please send your answer to

Where is the crankshaft sensor on a 2001 Alero?

its on the front of the motor by the crank shaft pulley or it could be on the back in the same spot

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