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What could be wrong if the maintenance light is orange in your 1992 Honda Accord?

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October 04, 2005 9:31AM

The maintenance colors change from green to orange/yellow to red. This is an indicator that it is time to change the oil. You can reset this back to green at each oil change by simply taking a pen or some small item, and pushing in on the little button that is in that same area. The maintenace light is not telling you of any specific problem it is just set to go off at the regularily scheduled interval of 7500 miles. You can simply turn it back to green from yellow by inserting your key. But honestly don't until you change your OIl. Funny in a 92 Accord, which I have and still use as Daily driver. In engine compartment it says to change your oil every 7500. I remember when "they" said 5000 now we are down to 3000, whats next weekly? EVERYONE GO GET A MANUAL FOR YOUR SPECIFIC VEHICLE, IF YOU ARE EVEN HALF SERIOUS ABOUT MAINTAINING YOUR VEHICLES, in the long run you will save money.