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What could be wrong if you have had lesion formation pimples on your scalp for 2 years and antibiotics only reduce them for a month and now they have light yellow oozing?



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This condition is sometimes caused by microscopic mites.

May 1963 a barber lanced a small pimple on the back of my neck.

Soon after small pimples spread to all areas of my scalp. As pattern baldness progressed they receded to only areas of healthy hair.

I visited many doctors and clinic over the years. Antibiotics seemed to help for a short time but they came back worse than before.

I have lived with this condition for 48 years.

To date I have no answer. A very hot shower helps to stop the itch. UPDATE! 8/18/2012 running the shower as hot as I can stand it for a few minutes three or four times a week I no longer have a scalp problem.