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You probably have a uranary tract infection. Drink lots of cranberry juice and water this should clear up in a few days, but if not you may need antibiotics. Best wishes.

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What could be wrong if you have problems with small amounts of blood in your urine frequent urination and burning?

It sounds like a bladder infection. But if you've seen a doctor, they probably tested for that. I would get a referal to a urinary tract specialist to have it checked out further. uti or std

Frequent urination in dogs?

There are several reasons why a dog may have frequent urination. Some causes could be diabetes, kidney disease, and thyroid problems.

What could be wrong and what treatment is needed if a woman experiences painful urination with blood in the urine?

Bladder infection.

Both my husband and me have O negative blood types. Could there be a problems getting pregnant or any problems with the baby?

No problems related to blood match.

Will the talc in your tablets cause health problems?

If in minute amounts, then it could not pose any problem.

What does it mean when a man sees blood when he wipes his anus?

Bright red blood in small amounts could be a fissure or hemmorrhoid. THis will heal on its own. Black blood, blood in large amounts or blood that looks like coffee grounds requires an emergency ROM visit asap.

Why is there a sensation of frequent urination?

The reason why there is a sensation of frequent urination could be sue to a urinary tract infection. You would need to bring a sample of your urine to your doctor who will examine the urine for the presence of white blood cells, a sign of infection.

What problems has heart transplants caused?

High blood pressure and some panic problems. You could die of problems after heart transplants.

My male dog is peeing blood at end of urination. He does not appear to be in pain and is otherwise acting normal. What could this be?

prostate or bladder cancer

Consequence of delay urination?

If you choose to delay urination, this could cause a urinary tract infection. From there, it could cause a kidney infection if you aren't careful.

What problems are there with transplants?

Your body could reject the new organ and start attacking it if it wasn't your blood type your also could have very serious problems.

Why is it important not to take excessive amounts of some vitamins and minerals?

You could just get more than you need and could cause more internal problems.

What are the causes of frequent urination in men?

Although prostate problems can cause frequent urination at night, there are other possible causes. If you diabetic, you will likely experience frequent urination throughout the day and night;. A urinary tract infection could also cause the symptoms you are experiencing. The best thing to do is make an appointment with a doctor, who can run tests to determine the exact cause.

What could cause spontaneous urination?

Bladder infection

What could cause blood stains in urine?

There are a few things that could cause blood stains in urine. Most of these causes could be the product of medical problems that need medical attention.

Nausea and excessive urination?

Could be lots of things...pregnancy, high blood sugar or diabetes, bladder infection, kidney infection, etc....time to see a doctor.

What does too much potassium do to your body?

it could cause heart problem, blood pressure problems,etc, other health problems.............

What causes blood in a man's urine?

Kidney problems, bladder infection, prostate problems or urinary tract problems. You should see your physician.

What illnesses could you get from not eating five pieces of fruit and vegetable a day?

rickets scurvy dehydration constipation loose teeth inflamed gums insufficient urination (causing kidney problems)

What is a disorder of the metabolism that causes excess thirst and the production of large amounts of thirst?

Could be low blood sugar or diabetes

What is the problems associated with dangerous blood o donors?

You could very well get A.I.D.S this way.

Is it dangerous if you have blood in your urine and it is painful when you pass urine?

Blood in your urine is not dangerous per se but requires evaluation, especially when accompanied with pain during urination. This could be something as common as a Urinary Tract Infection or as painful as a Kidney Stone.

Is bloody urination a symptom of pregnancy after the 10th day of intercourse?

hi there it could be a sign of cystitis diabitis or a kidney infection some woman only have blood in there urine when they have a water infection

Is frequent urination a definite sign of pregnancy?

No, you could have a UTI though.

What could cause sharp pains in the arms?

You should seek medical help. This could be signs of several problems, such as, blood clots, pinched nerves, or circulation problems. Please see a doctor.