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Heater core is stopped up or thermostat is stuck open.

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Q: What could cause 89 Honda accord has no heat?
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Why would a 99 Honda accord have no heat?

thermosat could be stuck open or low coolant or heat control cable could be broken

How do you fix the heat in a Honda accord lx?

pee on it

What could be wrong with the heat in your 1998 Honda accord Even when you turn it to 90 degrees on the climate control it still only blows cold air?

it could be your thermo stat

What is the problem when a 91 Honda accord has little heat to none and and ac works ok have replaced thermostat and coolant what could it bee?

It could possibly be a clogged heater core

Heater belts on 2001 Honda Accord?

The air-condition belt on a 2001 Honda Accord also controls the heat. When the belt needs to be changed the ridges on the belt will show wear.

Block heater Honda Accord?

A block heater for a Honda Accord helps to quickly raise the temperature of the car to the proper heat level. This allows for a quicker engine start-ups.

What causes radiator hose with thermostat to collapses a1996 Honda accord with 2.2 liter engine.?

radiator hose needs replacing. use and heat will cause hose to collapse when worn out

What might be wrong if you cannot turn off heat coming into the car on a 1992 Honda Accord?

The air mix door is stuck in the heat position

Why does does a Honda accord 1995 radiator over heat even after the fan has been changed?

Could be running backwards....reverse the leads and see if it stays cool running the opposite direction.

What would cause heat not to stay hot on 1999 Honda Civic?

A thermostat

No heat in after replacing thermosat Honda accord 94?


What would cause the axel bolt on a Honda motorcycle to turn blue?

Extreme Heat

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