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What could cause a 1999 Chevy Tahoe with 75000 miles and new tires alignment and rebalance on tires to shimmy at around 40mph and worsen at 70mph?

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2015-07-14 15:58:46
2015-07-14 15:58:46

1 Loose , worn or out-of-adjustment front wheel bearings . 2 shock absorbers and/or suspension components worn or damaged .

Bad tire,Bent rim: rotate tires and see if it changes. Wouldn't have been able to align if wheel bearings were loose. Balancer may be out of spec or technician may be out of spec, could try another shop. Out of balance driveshaft or bad center carrier bearing.

It does still soud like a balance problem do you still have Chevy wheels or aftermarket? If aftermarket find out if they are hub centric needs to be 78mm other vehicles with same bolt pattern have a much larger hub 108mm or 110mm,

I have had a problem in the past with tire places putting too much torque on the lug nuts warping either the rotor or wheel itself causing vibrations.

I found my rotors were bad. took care of the vibration. 103k miles on truck. luv it!

Easy is to recheck tire rotation at tire shop. I was amazed how my new tires were out of balance and once rebalanced the problem was gone.

make sure tires have a dynamic balance, not static balance. dynamic; weights on both sides. static; weights on one side.

i take that this was not the befor you had the work done , if so the biggest change would be the tires . when they make tires they just pop! them out, rember firestone ? call backs ? .. so when making a tire they don't come balanced to start with , so they make a green dot on the tire , that dot is to show the installer where to mount the tire to the valve stem . so a proper dynamic balance can be done .if the tire is a bit out of round no balance will make that problem go away , i have done a simple thing as to rotate the tire on the rim 180 degrees and fix it .doing a run out on the rim and tire ..... if the caster adjustment was adjust to low on one side it can make a shimmy ,hmmm like a shopping cart wheel,

I've had the same problem with two different Tahoes and after trying everything else the first time around related to tires, wheels, brakes, shocks, etc.; I finally found the . The drive shafts needed to be rebalanced. The main drive shaft and the 4wd drive shaft both have weights on them that can fall off over time. Took it to a place that specialized in drive shaft balancing and it cured my problem once and for all.

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