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If your cars turns over but will not start you need to check the alternator...once u have done that if it is bad you need to change it. also check the dash they come on for about 5 seconds when you turn the key just enough for the sterio to come one? if they do your battery is fine and it sounds like your starter is fine what i would do is check the alternator. let me

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Q: What could cause a Chevy Car to turnover but not start?
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What could cause a 1999 Chevy suburban not to turnover or start even after I have replaced the battery and starter?

check ecm fuse

Can a bad ignition coil cause a engine not to turnover?

No. It will cause it to not start but it will still turn over.

What cause your 305 Chevy engine not to start or crank?

Could be a bad battery or starter.

Could a bad egr valve in a Chevy cause the engine not to restart after it has been running?

A bad EGR valve should not cause the engine to not start. There is most likely another problem that is causing the engine to not start.

Will using a diagnostic code reader determine the cause of no start of a 96 chevy 1500 with 5.7l vortec?

It sure could. If you KNOW how to use it and READ it.

Are there sensors that would cause a 1997 dodge stratus to not start?

Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.

What could cause a no start with code P0335 on a 99 Chevy Malibu 2.4?

Trouble code P0335 means: CKP Sensor Circuit Malfunction Replace the sensor and it should start up

Why wouldn't a 1999 Chevy Blazer start?

Several problems can cause a 1999 Blazer not to start. There could be a fuel problem or a firing problem. Check for fuel pressure and ignition spark first.

Can a bad camshaft sensor in a Chevy vortec engine cause a no start?

It sure can.

What are some possible problems that would cause a 1995 pickup truck to turnover but not start?

If it is a GM product I would suspect the fuel pump is bad.

Why want my toyata xtera start after replacing the battery?

Does it turnover?

Why wont a Chevy Silverado start?

I was told it could be bad fuel pump.

Does loose timing chain cause Chevy 88 305H to not start?

A loose timing chain can cause the 305 h to jump time. with improper time, the engine will not start.

What would cause air conditioning in a 1992 Chevy Beretta to not work?

Start with the lack of freon.

What would cause a 1996 Chevy Blazer not to start in the morning but start OK the rest of the day?

Cheak fuel pression in the morning.

Will a bad camshaft sensor cause a Chevy Equinox to turn off?

will a bad crank shaft sensor make a 2005 chevy equinox not start

Why did the US start the war with Vietnam?

cause they could

Could old spark plugs cause a car not to start?

yes they could

Why ignition key won't turn to start 1999 Chevy Metro?

There could be many causes to this problem. There could be something on the key and the safety feature may not let it turn. The steering wheel could be locked as well, which would cause the key not to turn.

Your 1958 Chevy will not start?

my 1958 Chevy will not start sometimes

If a car will not turnover or even click after a long drive until it had a chance to cool down is the starter the likely cause How can I start the car to get it to the shop?

It is either the solenoid or the starter is shot

What would cause a 1996 Cherokee Sport to intermittently not start or turnover?

Check your positive battery cablefor corrosion or a loose connection.If that's ok then you have a bad starter solenoid.

What could cause a Chevy S-10 pick up to not start after you've changed ignition switch?

Did you reconnect the batt.? The computer might need to be reset. Push it to start it once and things might go back to normal.

What would cause a 350 Chevy to start when cold but starter drags and will not start when warm?


Will a bad heat sensor cause your Chevy s10 blazer not to start?

A bad engine temp sensor can do that.